23 July 2020

Kinahan's whisky reveals KASC™: an artistic project supporting Food for Soul

The cultural power of the historical irish brand Kinahan’s Whiskey meets art with the social project KASC™, supporting Food for Soul.

Kinahan’s founded KASC™ with the aim of inspiring an evolution of the collective thought, and promote the social progress. KASC™ mission is to realise a series of collectible objects developed around the concept of the Kinahan’s bottle, revisited as a piece of art by a renown artist, and then donate the income to a no-profit association. The first artist involved is the Italian Marcantonio, who realised the artwork “I’m OK” in a limited series of 500 pieces at €500,00 each (pre-sale available here). The income from the sales is going to be donated to support Food for Soul, a no-profit association founded by the starred chef Massimo Bottura and his wife Lara Gilmore.

Food holds the greatest power for social impact. A simple gesture of nourishing meal, shared at a convivial table, in a place of dignity, speaks to the should as well as the body.

The values pf Food for Soul live through guide principles, which are: quality of ideas, power of beauty, value of hospitality. 

Quality of ideas: by collaborating with community members, chefs, artists, organizations and professionals from different fields, our aim is to imagine and create places and experiences that can be platforms for learning and exchange.

Power of beauty: beauty is a universal language, whose power can inspire and unveil hidden potential. Moments of beauty – be it art, design, music or an act of kindness – can take people out of their daily experience and help them to connect with each other. By creating spaces and experiences that actively celebrate the equal right of all to beauty, our aim is to encourage people to embrace empathy, and to form human connections that can be powerful vehicles for change.

Value of hospitality: We believe in the power of hospitality to create experiences that have an emotional impact and that can make people feel seen and cared for. Through the excellence of our services, the integrity of our motivation, and the attention we dedicate to each of our stakeholders, our aim is to ensure a sense of dignity, caring and belonging that motivates them to express themselves and their ideas.

Same values are expressed in refettori and social tables, the latters are services offered once per week in pre-existing community spaces, where we invite families and individuals in need to join our table with the aim of empowering a local network of actors to create an inclusive and conscious community.

The word Refettorio comes from the Latin reficere, meaning ‘to re-make’, but also ‘to restore’. It was originally a place where monks gathered together to share their daily meal. We work with local organisations, producers, artists, architects, and community leaders to restore and renovate underused spaces transforming them into inspiring community hubs, open Monday to Friday, where people in situations of social and economic vulnerability are served nutritious meals cooked with surplus ingredients that would have otherwise been thrown away. Our aim is to develop spaces and experiences that can have a real impact and that can help make our communities more resilient, open opportunities for economic growth and make our food system more equal and healthy.

Punti attivi:

  • Refettorio Ambrosiano (Milano)

  • Refettorio Paris (Parigi)

  • Refettorio Felix (Londra)

  • Refettorio Gastromotiva (Rio de Janeiro)

  • Refettorio Merida (Yucatan)

  • Refettorio San Francisco (California)

  • Refettorio Harlem (NY)

  • Refettorio Montreal (Quebec)

  • Social tables:

  • Antonino (Bologna)

  • Ghirlanda (Modena)

  • Made in Cloister (Napoli)

This combination of high quality food and interior design to serve the local communities, and to bring beauty and conviviality also to needy ones is an amazing and creative act of charity, and a balm for the soul, which has got the need of being cherished more than anything else today. Hospitality and beauty are offers recalling the sacrality of churches, allowing anyone to soak into a world of pure ecstasy of senses.