16 April 2020

Wellmade: the artisans platform by Fondazione Cologni

We first came to know about Fondazione Cologni  at Homo Faber 2018, and now we see another beautiful project, this time digital, dedicated to artisans: Wellmade.

Wellmade is a plaftform which allows you to discover the best artisans, get to know their work and review their products and bespoke services. From discovery to sharing, and from valuation to revaluation: Wellmade is a community of enthusiasts and experts who love everything beautiful and well made, within a social and rewarding experience, and culturally evolved. The aim is to spread a culture of quality and put together different realities which work daily for the value and promotion of excellent handcraft. Everything well made, both with hands and heart, has got a peculiar higher value, which the handcraft world – the wide and rich reality of beauties – allows you to discover and re-discover. But to spot the best quality, value it, and buying it at your own necessity is not easy at all. Here is how Wellmade comes to help: thanks to the continue research of outstanding artisans, and through a mechanism of reviews by passionate users and of advice by ambassadors, Wellmade wishes to introduce as your trusted advisor.

The platform offers searches for professional sectors:

– Dress and adorn

– Move and travel

– Play Music and show

– Preserve beauty

The research is very easy and allows you to find the artisan you are looking for using the name, but also through the province, professional field or object, providing you a proper geographic map in which to visualise the company’s position we are looking for. Wellmade is directly linked to artisans which wish to promote their work and get more opportunities to get contacts: they can subscribe and get a free window on Wellmade in order to reach more people. The platform has also got ambassadors: they are experts in the field of Made in Italy artistic crafts and manufacture. They provide info and authoritative opinions to feed the talk on Italian craftsmanship. Beyond diffusing culture of well made.

Some of the ambassadors are:

Roberto Sironi, Designer

Vito Nesta, Designer

Sara Ricciardi, Designer

Ugo La Pietra, artista designer e architetto

Cristina Celestino, architetto e designer

Training project

Una Scuola, un Lavoro. Percorsi di Eccellenza”, made up and supported by Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte in Milano, promotes the introduction of young talents in the world of  métiers d’art since 2012.

About Fondazione Cologni

The Cologni Foundation for the Métiers d’Art is a private non profit organization. Franco Cologni, its President, created the Foundation in Milan in 1995, to accomplish a «new Renaissance» of the crafts and rescue the heritage of the métiers d’art from the threat of disappearance. With these founding purposes, the initiatives of the Cologni Foundation are chiefly addressed to the young and to the training of the next generations of artisans. The Foundation promotes, supports and carries out a number of cultural, scientific and educational programs. The Foundation’s project «A School, a Job. Training to Excellence» actively supports, with apprenticeship programmes, the training of young people in high craftsmanship and their introduction into the working world. The Cologni Foundation is also actively involved in many initiatives with prominent schools and higher education institutions: in Milan, with Università Bocconi, Università Cattolica, Milan Polytechnic, Creative Academy, Domus Academy; in Paris with EDC. It also cooperates with many international foundations and organizations, like the INMA (Institut National des Métiers d’Art). Cologni Foundation is a partner in the international network of the «Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art» (European Art and Craft Profession Days).