Video Tutorial Christmas - DIY transparent Cactus balls

29 November 2018
Video BGP Videos

Here how to make these easy and fun Xmas decorations, you need a few materials and time to assembly everything to surprise friends with your decorations.

In order to start our DIY series, we chose to introduce you to the Xmas season with these original Christmas balls, cactus is so trendy right now, therefore why not combine them in a total new decoration? These openable transparent balls are easy to get online, we bought them on Amazon for less than 1€ each.

As you can see in the video, the steps are a few and very easy, pay attention to the thorns, handle the cactus and the hot glue with gloves. This decoration and the Xmas balls can be hung directly to your tree (they are light), on the entry door, or you can also spread them around the house, for a wider and complete styling.

In the video you can see the simple steps to create a unique and surprising ornament. In the past years we made so many DIY ideas for Xmas, you can find all of them in our video section on the blog, or on our YouTube in the DIY playlist (DO It Yourself). Let us know if you liked the tutorial, and to not miss any news nor the next tutorials follow our channel YouTube Basil Green Pencil.

Happy Holidays and enjoy!