Video Summer Dinner - Table Setting Design

27 August 2018
Video BGP Studio

A Summer dinner we organised with our most intimate friends to celebrate Summer, and table top design.

Basil Green Pencil dinner took place in the garden, it highlighted table and decoration settings for outdoor spaces. A fairy atmosphere, inspired to informality, nature, and sense of sharing. The table setup started with the creation of the roof, we bought simple white sheets from Leroy Merlin and tied them up to wooden posts with elastic chords, the posts were secured to existing fence. It was hard to keep the fabric tense as much as possible, it would have been a good idea to have higher posts, in order to that the soft curve of the fabric was not too low. Once we got a satisfying result (it was hard) we hang wires with bulbs for outdoor, to have the night light (we suggest to pay attention to what you buy on Amazon, mine were not bight enough for all the space, luckily Maykol had some from his own). The table setting was quick, we put two pallets on a Tiger pic nic cloth, and we covered them with a cotton tablecloth from H&M Home, after that we placed plates, glasses and cutlery which were kindly provided by Sambonet, Arzberg and Rosenthal, together with decorative elements such as flowers and dark green bottles for candles. We used BeoPlay speakers during all the dinner for the music, they had a very powerful sound, and a great design look, they could even been hung on a brunch! When it came the time of cooking we went for a Paleo menu, it was a lot of fun to make zucchini spaghetti with the spiralizer by Paderno Industrie. Once our friends arrived the party started, we all needed to have a break with a beautiful and mindfulness event, and we worked it out well, don’t you think?