07 May 2015

Vencato and Merendi: the light behind the mirror

At the opening of the Agape12 showroom in Milan during Salone del Mobile we met Diego Vencato and Marco Merendi, in front of their latest work for the Agape’s bathroom collection: the mirror Solid.

Tell a bit about you, how does your collaboration start?

M: We met working at Artemide, even if we were in different departments (special projects and research and development) and even if we had different backgrounds we both had similar experiences regarding the lighting design. in the moment when each of us went for his own independent professional pathway we decided to start collaborating on the creation of design objects with the light as key element, pushed by a solid friendship and passion.

How would you define your way to design? Do you chase a personal idea of style? Is there anyone you are inspired by?

V: We do not design with the idea to develop a personal style, each project is unique, and must be developed under a coherence of thoughts and a logic process which leads to the final product release. People often confuse the coherence of thoughts with the concept of style, which is common between some new designers way, who get easily inspired by the latest trends creating products that never tell a story, existing merely for themselves. Moreover we do not have a specific myth we get inspired by, we appreciated many designers, and it is more common I get impressed and inspired by a well done product I see in front of me, an object that I can appreciate fully, but that does not depend from who designed it. I think the object can not exist just for itself, but it needs to have a function, it can not be a pure artistic expression, it must have the possibility to be placed in an utility scenario, and it must come out from a logic development process which gives a sense to its production.

What is the innovation behind this design piece?

M: Give the third dimension to a flat object thanks to the integration of light. Using the idea of volume and apply it to a bidimensional object like the mirror, in order to give depth to the product without compromising its functionality.

Mirror Solid

Inspired by the idea of a metal drop on the wall, Solid is a round mirror with a blown glass frame, treated with a  “metal coating” industrial process which makes the surface reflective and, at the same time, permeable to the light. When the mirror is switched on, the integrated illumination diffuses the light rays into the environment, while when it is switched off, the mirror gets a perfect reflective surface. Solid is available also in a version without light.