25 July 2018

Dyson Pure Cool: the cooling fan that purifies the air

Dyson Pure Cool: the cooling fan that purifies the air

Dyson Pure Cool is a fan that cleans the air from pollution and pollen, together with the ability to refresh the room at the same time.

This week we got Dyson Pure Cool, a fan-air cleansing which I was glad to receive considering the lack of air conditioning in my apartment, and my allergy to pollens, two factors which made my home based freelance activity quite difficult these days. The idea to combine the utility of a ventilation with a good air quality and use it in the centre of a big city like Milan was great, especially after I discovered the technology and all the functions related to this little design jewel.

What is this about?

Dyson Pure Cool projects a flow of purified air, mixing and circulating it inside the whole room through a technology named AirMultiplier. The interiors are the spaces where we spend 90% of our time, and in this way they get cleaned from the invisible particles we usually breath, those who come from the atmospheric pollution, pollens, cleaning products, candles, paints, and pets’ dust. This problem is even more acute in high energy efficienty houses, which are very often sealed to respect its requirements.

How does it work?

Detect: the LCD display shows in real time the VOC (volatile organic compounds, such as benzene and formaldehyde from paints, lit scented candles and furniture materials) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) present in the air. A third sensor measures the related humidity and its temperature.

Capture: the new HEPA 360° filter is wrapped around 9 meters of borisilicate microfiber, folded more than 200 times, which allows to capture 99,95% of allergens and pollutants.

Diffuse: two modes of ventilation, the first with fan and the second with diffuser, allow to get a refreshing effect during summer, and just a purifying one in winter.

Everything can be managed by the remote control and by the Dyson Link app, enabling to control the enviroment at long distance.

Paul Dawson, Dyson Health and Beauty vice president says: “In Dyson we develop machines for real people and real homes, creating technologies that work inside the test labs,  but especially that  make as much as promised in the everyday life. In order to take care of air quality at home, a cleansing needs more than a filter and to detect polluion automatically, capturing gas and ultrafine particles, projecting clean air in every corner of the room. Dyson is able to satisfy these necessities, giving life to the unique purifier able of cleaning an entire room.

Definitely what we needed for this super hot summer.