20 May 2015

On the trail of Marsala, Sicilian wine and Pantone color of the year – pt. 1

Our new section BGP trips wants to create targeted inspirations for your own interiors, and that through the observation of everything that surrounds us in the world. You’ll find real and direct correlation between product design, interior design and what we photograph. The first stop of this great journey is a trip to discover the lands around Marsala, a town in Sicily. We took a picture as soon as arrived, we could not avoid to celebrate the PANTONE of the year 2015, which is Marsala, like our T-shirt, and like this Sicilian town! In the first picture above instead, you can see a view of the beautiful town of San Vito Lo Capo, in the north-west area of the Italian island, here each street and square is a hidden world where you can enjoy to get lost in. The theme of raw surfaces put next to new finished ones correlates to  new trend, you can see an example in the interior design by the Spanish studio EMBT Enric Miralles – Benedetta Tagliabue,who renovated an apartment exploiting the potential of the original building, leaving segments of the historic walls exposed, and therefore telling the whole story behind. Untouched original parts of a building can become real decorations, enhancing every space.

Here we are finally at our key stop: Marsala, nearby Trapani. In these areas one of the most special and famous wines in the world was born, that is the Marsala wine. The renown color has inspired many designers who have exalted it in their project this year, that because Marsala has been nominated PANTONE® color of the year 2015, you can read here our article about Pantone Marsala!

Just outside the center of the town of Marsala, we recommend the restaurant MammaCaura, directly on the shore of the famous Saline. The landscape is amazing, all the colors of nature merge with the sea in this particular stretch of artificial ponds, which get full of sea salt during Summer.

This first part of our journey in Marsala ends in the town of Erice, in order to reach this place you have to drive up a hill, after arriving we were surprised to have left the clouds behind us and the view was so breathtaking!

Among the narrow streets we discover the many signs of the Sicilian tradition and, after tasting some great sweets we pop into a boutique that sells typical decorated Sicilian ceramics. This designs are a great inspiration, moreover reflect another trend of our time: colorful patterns which now you can see also in very minimalistic interiors, because they are able to bring a precious touch of color and originality. You can also choose between Arab and Indian patterns if you want more an eastern look, her below you can see images to best show their use!

In a few days you will find online the second part of our trip!

Images © Basil Green Pencil