06 November 2015

Shopping Guide: 10 Modern F/W Carpets

During the cold season your home gets warmer and all the accessories need to be comfortable to give you a good welcome and a relaxing experience. One of the elements that immediately brings warmth and comfort is the carpet of course, so we created a shopping guide around this theme.

The house changes according to the carpet we choose, for the winter 2015 the trends are many, and to start this chapter we want to give you a tasting in regards, we are preparing a complete series of advice to help you in the choice of the perfect carpet!

Which one do you prefer? Between all of them listed here there is a great new: a carpet suitable for outdoor spaces.

Woodnotes – SQUAREPLAY

Woodnotes – FOURWAYS

Woodnotes – BEACH

Vondom – LINES XL

Object Carpet – SHINY 2500

Miniforms – ALADINO

GAN By Gandia Blasco – CAMPANA MM3


Casalis – BUFFO

Buzzispace – BUZZIRUG WOOL