01 August 2018

Set Design: Lars Installation

Set Design: the installation made of mirrors displayedat Lars during Fuorisalone 2018.

During Fuorisalone 2o18 we designed, built and installed a scenography (set design) for Lars restaurant, in via Pestalozzi 4 in Milan. The idea was to create an installation that could get into the place’s atmosphere: an industrial interior, with raw walls, and sleek metal details. The artwork is made of hundreds of plexi mirrored tiles, hung to create a gradient wave, developing sinuously over the ceiling. The reflections are in tune with the metal surfaces of the lamps, creating a playful effect. Each line of tiles follow the curved guide fixed to the ceiling, and their lightness make them move with the wind empowering the light reflections.

The installation was made by BGP studio in collaboration with EGC studio, working six-handed. Our knowledge about design and VM, got together with the experience of a theatre production designer, and we made something beautiful and decorative in three days, to celebrate Fuorisalone.

The experience of BGP studio involves set design, windows displays, VM and installations for events, working for high end fashion, our know-how varies and gets deeper to face any kind of project. The knowledge about materials, the solid network of artisans, and installers provide the ability to solve any kind of issue requiring a prop production, and high attention to detail.