SCATTAGRAM - The Instagram Game

04 April 2019
Video BGP Studio

Scattagram is a theatrical immersive performance which involves viewers into a game that uses the Instagram images, and investigating the real life as well as the digital one.

Two actors tell Instagram in a total unexpected way, as a tool that can improve your life, or make you hide from it, changing identity to your own pleasure, exactly as it happens during Carnival! It is a show, a game, a play which investigates the relation between digital mask and real life through an hilarious way. The Carnival in Venice was powerful because allowed you to set yourself free from any social identity, role, race, religion, sex, and become a mask, free to move and get into relationships without judgements. The same is for Instagram, which can be read as theatrical performance, where anyone can become who he wants, and which allows you to mask 365 days a year. The power of this tool is that while you change the outside face, you notice that you remain the same person inside, and that can make you get in touch within yourself in a very profound way. This is a mask worn all over the year, and which does not let you risk to identify with it, because real life and screen can coincide ma still they are separate.

Here the core moments of the play:


You select a pic from one of the public and you project it on the wall. The pic must be a neutral scene (no recognizable faces). The two actors put on scene the story inspired by that image. Ex.

– Photo of restaurant -> scene of a couple dining

– Photo of a concert -> scene of friends who go party after a long workday

– Photo of an exhibition -> dialogue between highbrows.

Concept: your personal perception of the pics you see on your IG wall is unlinked from the actual real world.


You pick two people from the public, you take 1 pic featuring each person from their own account, and you project the photos one by one. The two actors try to guess who is the owner of the pic, asking help to the sitting public with comments, surreal analysis, and daring similarities.

Concept: Instagram has got a powerful storytelling potential, and visual communication, how are you perceived through your pics?

#INSTAFILM (letto hashtag instafilm)

Select 3 static images from the stories of a profile from the public, project them together in the same slide, one next to the other as they were the extract of a motion picture. The two actors interpret a story in this style, improvising a script linking the three images together.

Concept: what if you can take a short film out a series of stories? A traditional art renovates taking inspiration from technology.


You project one or more images taken from VIP accounts in sequence, the actors call people selected from the public, and make up a story inspired by those images, they play with people’s answers, and they make them speak, take ideas out of their words, polishing and making them shine with humor.

Concept: can you take inspo from influencers (expert storytellers) to improve uour life (ex.job, restaurant choices, films, food, travel, or just for a laugh)?


Let’s take two accounts, one male and one female, let’s select pics of moments with people, and project each of them on the wall. The two ctors then start a dialogue which develops around the projected photos, they dub the events as if they were in the pic themselves, a back and forth with unexpected implications, which leads the scene to familiar situations usually kept private.

Concept: public intimacy – the sphere of emotions and feelings closely guarded from curiosity and others’ indiscretion VS public exteriorization of it (online).

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