19 March 2018

Salone del Mobile 2018: Milano Design Week previews

The first-ever Salone del Mobile Milano Manifesto has been launched

The Salone del Mobile explores its values, its deep-rooted connection with Milan and the companies, brands and designers that have made it a world leader. Designing a high quality, innovative and creative future.

The 57th edition of the Salone del Mobile Milano at Fiera Milano Rho from 17th to 22nd April, is an unmissable sectoral appointment at global level. This year’s edition promises to be a new starting point. Every new beginning calls for reflection and commitment, to which end the Salone del Mobile Milano has put together its first ever Manifesto. It is not just an affectionate gesture towards the city and all the actors that have contributed to its success, but is first and foremost a declaration of intent, laying the foundations for a new way of thinking, working as a system and designing.

The Salone del Mobile Manifesto opens with the image of Milan at the centre of the process of renewal, and is intended to spearhead a new way of conceiving the trade fair and the city, with a view to consolidating the internationalization process and the leadership role it has acquired over the years. The invitation to innovate is, in fact, a plea not to rest on our laurels, but to look beyond what has already been achieved and aim for sustainable quality, collaboration, inclusion and sharing, valorizing young talent and the cultural heritage. This is how we can really give shape to the sort of design and architecture that is more conscious of the needs of a constantly evolving society that appreciates futuristic design but also needs to feel a variety of small emotions on an everyday basis.

The Salone del Mobile.Milano explores the relationship between nature and living with an exhibition-installation that generates plenty of ideas for green projects for internal and external domestic spaces. A pavilion designed and developed with international design and innovation studio Carlo Ratti Associati will be erected in front of Palazzo Reale in Piazza del Duomo from 17th to 29th April.

The designers and architects, the main actors, along with the companies and the success of the home furnishing system, owe their fame partly to the Salone and partly also to the industrial city of Milan. It has welcomed them and believed in their creative abilities, nurtured so many great Italian architects and designers, not just from the city itself, who have gone on to leave their mark, their prestigious signature all over the globe.

Designers and architects come to Milan from all over the world, and the Salone is a more or less obligatory staging post, for getting to know themselves and others, for doing research and for garnering well-deserved recognition for their work or for laying the ground for future projects.

Today’s invitation from the Salone to Milan is addressed to its masters, to the architects and the designers who have contributed to the success of the event, to the growth of the brands and the evolution of the city. It is now time for the Salone and Milan to look to the future and engage together again in a team game in which everyone has their own part to play, the accent must not merely be on physical architecture for the city, not just on new furnishings to showcase at the Salone, but also on new models of creating design and architecture, a new way of thinking and planning. Design that goes beyond the things themselves, that looks at the people, the needs of a changing world searching for new signals, as well as at beauty and emotion in the little everyday things. Let us continue to help Milan grow with  ne new futuristic architecture as well as with conversions of old buildings, let us think in terms of a joint effort to create the model of a city that is increasingly beautiful and welcoming, not just during the Salone del Mobile.