10 July 2017

Roxxane Leggera CL - LED cableless desk luminaire by Nimbus Group

A cableless LED lamp with almost infinite autonomy

The protagonist of our today’s Design Portrait is the cableless ROXXANE LEGGERA 52 CL LED lamp by Nimbus Group.

Its main feature is also the one that strikes most – the high-efficiency LED technology combined with new generation batteries that guarantee an almost endless autonomy of 100 hours!

Discovered at the last Salon of Mobile, we were totally fascinated. We’ve been testing it for some time, it’s great for differtent uses in all areas of our home – for the weight just above the kilo, and for the head part that can be inclined by 270°, precisely swiveled where necessary. Easy to move thanks to the handle.

On the head light element there is a gesture sensor that is together LED power switch and power controller (from 400 to 600 lumens, or 800 lumens in “boost mode”) convenient for adjusting the light in different occasions. It can also be used outdoor in dry condition or as a great charger for our devices thanks to the USB port in the base.

Our ROXXANE LEGGERA CL model is yellow (model 52 h 52 cm) but there are others colors available: white, black, gray and bronze. The floor lamp version is h 101 cm. The body is made of aluminum.

Nimbus Group

The Nimbus Group was founded by the architect Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl in 1988. It is different from most other enterprises and being different has helped the company to explore new avenues. Nimbus was the very  rst company to place its faith in LED technology, thus giving itself a global lead over the competition. The company has realised around 12,000 LED projects since 2006 and can now call upon a wealth of experience: its spectrum ranges from  tting out houses, doctors’ practices, schools and boardrooms through to company headquarters like the Unilever head of ce in Hamburg, the ADAC headquarters in Munich and the head of ce of the WTO in Geneva.