06 October 2015

Rio De Janeiro : La nostra Guida | Pt.2

After the article BGP Flies to Rio De Janeiro-Our Design Guide Part 1 we introduce the second and conclusive part of our trip, with some other incredible places to not miss if you are going to have a winter-break in the Carioca city! Here I was at Jardim Botanico, an exotic garden commissioned by the Prince Regent Dom João in 1808, where you can see many species of plants and animals, such as very high palms, monkeys, the lake with water lilies and the enclosed orquidário, and a huge variety of orchids. Moreover you can visit Museu do Meio Ambiente, with environmentally focused exhibitions, and conclude with of coffee in the outdoor cafeteria,a typical beautiful colonial building.

Escandaria Selarón is a staircase in Lapa district of Rio de Janeiro made of 250 steps covered with pieces of glass and ceramic from around the world by the artist Jeorge Selarón who was living in a house by the staircase. He was a painter who financed and support this work himself starting in 1990, and selling his own paintings to buy new ceramic pieces that at the beginning were taken just from urban waste. Many tourists also started to bring tiles from around the world to help him in this artwork. Selaròn has defined his work as a gift to Rio de Janeiro.

In the Lapa district of Rio you can find cool furniture showrooms set in long and high loft spaces! I loved to hang around all these pieces, especially at Mercado Moderno, which sells some of the most collectable furniture for the 50s to the 80s. Especially by the designers Sergio Rodrigues and Ricardo Fasanello. This is the best vintage furniture store in the city, and all the pieces of furniture have been restored by local craftsmen

Looking for a cheap but stylish lunch? Food needs to be good but also the environment has to be pleasant! Here two places we have tried for you, the first one, Reserva TT Burger in Copacabana, where you can have some of the best hamburgers in Rio, in a friendly and chill out environment, while the second one, ¡Venga! is the first typically Spanish tapas bar opened in Rio de Janeiro, in 2009, with Spanish appetisers such as the pulpo a la Gallego, and tortilla de papas as well as traditional desserts. Loved both of them!

Reserva TT Burger

Av. Ataulfo de Paiva, 1240 – Leblon, Rio de Janeiro –


Rua Garcia D’Ávila, 147 – B  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Confeitaria Colombo is a pastry shop distinguished by a sumptuous Art Nouveau architecture and design elements, which bring back to the luxury of colonial period when it was founded. It officially opened in 1894 by two Portuguese immigrants Joaquim Borges de Meireles and Manuel José Lebrão. The ceiling dome in stained glass, the Belgian mirrors and the jacaranda furniture are original, and this place is officially between the buildings of Historic and Artistic Heritage. Perfect for an afternoon tea.

Looking for some night drinks in a cutting edge place? The solution is at Comuna, a drink bar, hamburger restaurant, exhibition space and dj area all in one place. Moreover here you can try the Wasabi hamburger, which was awarded as best hamburger in Rio.

“COMUNA is a multifunctional space where different ideas and designs converge. An open place, where collaborative projects happen ranging from meetings, workshops, concerts and fashion events.We house a bar & restaurant, an exhibition space called CASAMATA and an independent bookstore, A Bolha Editora.”

Finally at the end of you holiday you want to give up the big city? Just out of Rio, at 3 hours of bus, you can visit Ilha Grande, and stay in a typical Pousada in the middle of the forest, with seaside, animals, and nothing else! We stayed at Pousada la Dolce Vita, and the recovery from busyness of the outside world was perfect. Don’t miss it!

See you at our next trip.