21 November 2014

Andy Warhol, Moderna Museet Stockholm, 1968

These posters with Andy Warhol quotes, are the object of desire of every interior decorator and stylist, we did a little research and discovered an amazing story. They were created for the first European solo exhibition of Andy Warhol in 1968 at the Moderna Museet Stockholm, these posters are in part responsible of the creation of the myth of Warhol famous phrases like – “In the future, everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes”. Total of 10 pieces, the poster was designed by John Melin, for the event, with its distinctive font.

Currently they are impossible to find, on internet there aren’t official shops o dealers and the only way is at the museum shop of the Moderna Museet in Stockholm or Malmö. Are you already planning your next trip?

Article UPDATE (May 2016): Official on-line shop

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