12 March 2017

Farida by Geelli: The Ultimate Design Place Mat

Geelli: soft touch with practicality

Have you ever had a quick lunch or breakfast, without the need to take out your tablecloth, but with the necessity to not get your white table top dirty? Sometimes you just have the time for a coffee and a slice of bread, especially if you live alone or in a couple, but you still wish to have a welcoming table. I struggled to find some place mats that could look so good to stay out on the table all day, but also practical, easy to clean, and suitable for food.

What looked like a mission impossible got to a solution when I found the place mat Farida by Geelli: the pleasure of the soft touch together with the beauty of a fabric look, and the practicality of plastic, a mix of qualities which is given by the semi-rigid polyurethane, a perfect material to make soft products, which are particularly resistant to impacts, and mechanical forces, ideal for the contact with food.

Geelli is a brand that takes advantage of the proprieties of polyurethane gel to make soft and deformable objects, with a great appeal, thanks to the tactile pleasure of this material, and its colour transparencies. The first collection of accessories for the home, was launched in 2008 at Macef, and was designed by Monica Graffeo, who is also the art director of the company. This brand communicates the quality of made in Italy in each production stage, from the choice of machineries, to the origin of raw material, to the passion for design and creativity.

A Geelli product makes you want another one, so next week we are going to review some new special object for your beauty and bathroom area. Stay tuned.