10 July 2018

Oui Fleur: Interior Design to Celebrate Flowers

Studio Lido  designs the interior of Oui Fleurs: : flowers atelier from the most renown in Bologna. Inspiration came from the decorative language of flowers, in valance with functionality, style and design.

The interior design came from the necessity to make functional a small space which was always too full of flowers, vases, and other accessories. Therefore we thought to design a wide counter which developed into the space acting both as worktop and display for fresh flowers compositions (demanded a lot by customers). Moreover the structure allowed us to let the pipes pass through it and bring fresh water on the counter with a beautiful copper sink. This counter is made of a metal structure, and the top is made of phenolic multilayer timber (used also in boats and perfect for those, like florists, who always have a lot of water around), with a linoleum finish. The other two central elements of the project are the floral wallpaper and the ceramic floor which reminds flower fields, enriching the space, and being the background of various furniture elements”. Studio Lido

This is a little jewel of interior design, full of old style details, but revisited in a contemporary key for the urban contest where the space is located. The flower bouquets hanging upside down from the ceiling, the metal shelving, the floor reproducing the concept of daisy meadow with pixels are all elements combining perfectly with the granny’s curtains, the romantic 70s wallpaper, the vintage frames on the walls. A combination of styles which ties the ancient with the modern, in order to recreate a space with warm colours, the same of the earth from which flowers springs up, slowly, totally different from the time schefule of the busy city sourrunding. When you enter Oui Fleurs shop you will feel on instict those words from the famous song: “From diamonds nothing stems, from manure flowers bloom.


Oui Fleurs 

via andrea costa 84/2

40134 Bologna, Italy


09:00 – 12:30

16:00 – 19:30