28 January 2018

Oway presents H.OR.TO. - Beauty salon with organic products for hair and body

H.OR.TO - The first salon of organic products for the body

From the Ortofficina fields, the biodynamic site on the hills of Bologna has got 25k beauty salons all over the world, of which one is FICO EATALY WORLD in Bologna with its two unique areas: the experential shop-lab and the H.OR.TO salon.

The brand Oway (Organic Way) is a green excellence which is based in the countryside of Bologna, and it represents the outcome of an historical pathway in the cosmetic production, and organic body products dating back to 1948.

The Oway’s productive chain starts from the soil, with the cultivation of medicinal plants using he biodynamic method in the Oway’s farm on the hills of Bologna, which is named Ortofficina. Reaching the balsamic period of plants, you start the steam distillation of herbal extracts, and essential oils at zero-km. You add oils and plant extracts from fair trade market and other precious ingredients to these ones, which, following the principles of green chemistry, bring benefits to head skin and hair. The packaging of Oway’s formulas are exclusively made in glass and aluminium, in this way you avoid waste and over-packaging. The fragrances please the smell because they are made of essential and aromatherapic oils blends which substitute synthetic perfumes.

Both the Oway shop, and the connected H.OR.TO salon are environments with zero impact and natural materials, with no plastics, and fuelled by solar panels. The furnishing is exclusively made by certified woods, glass and metals, and the perfuming of environments comes both from the plants and the smell logo which is 100% phyto-derives Oway Nota. Both furniture and accessories were designed by Oway’s designers and manufactured in ARTIGIANO (the Owa’s wood lab) and by Italian masters. The lamps and vases are in terracotta. In particulare, the lampshades designed by Oway, have been handmade by a master ceramist from Faenza.


Shop Lab

Okay at FICO in Bologna

Entering the Oway’s shop-lab at FICO (Fabbrica Italiana Contadina) you immediately get the possibility to live the experience of the Ortofficina’s fields. Inside the counter-greenhouse you can see the same medicial plants Oway cultivates at open air, and here they are grown with a lighting system which simulates the sunlight. During your stay at the shop, it is possibile to dive into the fantastic experience of distillation of plants through the current of steam coming from the lavender, rosemary, thyme, and calendula extraction, from which you get the essential oils and the hydrosols of Oway’s formulas.


H.OR.TO is for Hair Organic Touch, it is a game of words which combines the biodynamic medicinal ingredients of the brand’s products to the enrivornment of the former fruit and vegetable market in which they are displayed. H.OR.TO was conceived to bring a new way of living the hair salon, an environment where bio beauty and SPA wellness meet and join, giving life to exclusive services made bespoke for each customer. Starting from the analysis of the scalp with the trico-cam always included in the service, passing through the iridologic reading as a base for the colouring, up to the holistic massage for the head and shoulders or to the localized chromotherapy.

 What H.OR.TO proposes is:

  • Allowing the customer to enter in a multi-sensorial space of wellnessm where it is possible to immediately feel a sense of relax and balance, where you can receive dedicated attentions and customised advice.

  • The possibility for the customer to choose a sustainable beauty care, making the impact of our well-being on our planet as little as possible, operating with healthy products and treatments, enviroment-friendly packaging and green chemical formulas with bio ingredients.

  • The sense of luxury, but in a contemporary view, turning the time dedicated to yourself into an act of self-care and love also for the world around us, pushing away the feeling of pure appearance.