03 December 2014

Nebula Lamp by Riccardo Bovo in 3D Printing

Today our #designportrait is about auto-production, we would like to open a view towards the way 3D printing is going to change our home furniture. Here, as example, we have got Nebula Lamp by Riccardo Bovo, which reflects a research about computational tools as essential elements for the form, finding process and additive manufacturing as a meaning of production.The 3D printed object is no longer just a prototype, but is the final product; and the characteristic look of the 3D printing plastic is no longer synonymous with an uncompleted design process but is a symbol of new processes that override in meaning and functionality the old ones. That means plastics, such as polyamide, are going to support new digital and design shapes, bringing an innovative aesthetic value, totally free from previous conceptions, for objects ready to be placed in any kind of contemporary spaces.