02 October 2017

MOMODESIGN - MD_EDGE ceramic tiles at Cersaie 2017

MOMODESIGN and Cisa Ceramiche create a new concept for indoor tiles

A sophisticated interiors concept for a modern and dynamic living space that reflects urban style, the unmistakeable sign of MOMODESIGN, and supports the principles of sustainability, design and technology that underpin Cisa Ceramiche.

A partnership between two leading Italian companies that brings together the contemporary designs of MOMODESIGN with the expertise of Cisa Ceramiche, part of the Ricchetti Group, a company with an international reputation in the ceramic tiles industry.

Collections with textured effects that offer a new tactile experience, playing on contemporary colour palettes and embellished with the bold, geometric lines that form the theme of the project.

MD_EDGE is a unique and transverse concept th at captur es design, ar chitecture and graphics within a contemporary lifestyle. Materials, designs and colours come from the know-how that is at the center of MOMODESIGN and enhance the unique duo of aesthetics and wellbeing.

MD_EDGE stands out for its material qualities creating new tactile experiences. It uses a contemporary colour range, complemented by embellishments and defined geometric lines. The MD_EDGE collection was ceramically inspired, using a larger weave producing a carbon fibre effect, created from a slightly visible high relief which, through soft shadows, creates an unexpected tridimensionality, altering the perception of the material. The collection’s abstract, geometric and linear design makes the composition suitable for larger, unique and sophisticated surfaces. Also due to its aesthetic and technical characteristics, the range is suitable for both commercial and domestic environments, for flooring and interior cladding.

MD_EDGE is a porcelain stoneware dyed in mass tile with rectangular edges and a natural surface that can be used for both flooring and interior cladding. Available in two big formats, 60×120 and 80×80, this dual collection consists of one version with a single texture, using essential and impactful materials and the other decorative and sophisticated, where the pattern is matched with graphics. A bespoke and complete collection.

For Momodesign, colour is not only a question of aesthetics but it is an integral part of a philosophy. MD_EDGE is available in six different colour variants: from dark greys (Dark Graphite) to whites (Mineral White), the grey scale is completed with Quartz Grey, Iridium Grey, Stone Grey and made unique with a slight blue gradient colour, Lead Blue. Contemporary chromatic colours, with deep and neutral tones makes Momodesign’s colour range ideal in creating a sleek metropolitan environment.

Completing the range is the woven mosaic, perfect for flooring and interior cladding. This woven mosaic enhances the pattern of the entire MD_EDGE collection giving a str ong identity to any envir onment. Light and intricate lines, as well as playful shadows and reflections created by interweaving, rationalises the surrounding space and heightens its magnificence.

The innovative use of extremely thin steel sheets with special laser engraved graphics th at draws precise geometric lines, emphasises the decor of the tiles, becoming an essential and distinctive piece in any environment.