29 October 2015

Mirror Houses – Contemporary, high class vacation in South Tyrol

Today our latest  Design Portrait is not about a single object or piece of furniture, but it is dedicated to a couple of amazing holiday apartments located in the charming South Tyrol countryside, very close to the centre of Bolzano town.

The Mirror Houses revealed to be stunning at our arrival, the building stands out for its great aesthetic, which is expressed in the minimalistic architecture by the architect Peter Pichler. Once inside the interiors confirmed our first impression, as you can see from the pictures nothing was left to chance, materials and colours mix together and with the outside perfectly, also thanks to the beautiful floor to ceiling windows.

The two apartments do not communicate, and they both offer a wide green space outside. Inside you find all the typical home spaces, and the living room is totally independent. The glass parts can easily be obscured with a curtain, while the nigh zone can be subdivided with some wide timber panels, ideal for those who looks for a better privacy. Anyway we have to confess that to hide the beautiful landscape around is a real challenge!

Would you enjoy a weekend in this design house? You find all the details on the official website.