06 February 2015

Paolo & Elisa, and their Green concept in the heart of Milan

Last month we dedicated an article to them, we made the promise to go an visit their shop, and we actually went back to this promise! We went to Fior di Tortona, the green corner in the heart of the best renown creative district in Milan, and we met Mr. and Mrs. Paolo and Elisa Del Latte, who have been nominated the new leafers of our blog section, because they dedicated all their life to the creativity in green. Inside the warm environment of their shop, at the end of the day, we ended up speaking about a lot of things, from work, to personal lives, to the luck born from risky choices, here the interview we extracted from our long talk, where we wish to have managed to communicate, in a few lines, the essence of a small creative business that never gives up.

Tell us a bit about yourselves, how did you meet the first time? And how did you end up to be literally the flagship of via Tortona?

We met very young, during on holiday in Bordighera like many other people from Milan, we fell in love after years and we decided to dedicate our lives to the passion for plants, passed on by Paolo’s father. We had a beginning in the markets, and then we got the challenge to buy a shop, near to where we used to live at the time, south Milan, in a street that only a few knew, via Tortona. The risk of a new project and the luck of finding our location in an area that would have become the Milan design district a few years later, together with the wish to dedicate an excellent service to our customers, and not just that, also the constant idea to renovate ourselves and our business. Today our activity is strictly run only by our family, and our three sons, although they all chose different working pathways, always come to help when they can. Moreover we have collaborations with famous furniture showrooms, catwalks, and events of renown design brands, where we take part to the setting up renting our plants, we also take care of terraces and gardens, and we make centrepieces for various restaurants in our workshop next door. This multiple activities brought us where we are now, but we never abandoned the traditional job that lead us here, we never stopped to do markets (Paolo shows us his little van full of flowers ready for the day after market ndr) and we always pay attention to the kind of plants we sell, and our shop has regularly something new, the plants we sell are never the same, and we give a lot of attention at the client, whoever comes in is always welcome with a smile.

What’ the object that represents you the most in your job?

We have spent a lot of time thinking at what object could have been the best to represent our activities, but at the end we agreed that our essential tools are our own hands. These are the first the most important tools we can use when we work with plants, each wrinkle on the skin reminds us the passion for our work, and we believe that for gardening you need creativity, but also manual skills. This sector is helped by technology in creating heated up environments, ideal for plants growth, such as greenhouses, but today is difficult to get flowers grown in our country, because there are a lot of no-sustainable costs, and no public loans. Manual skills instead stay free and essential, we use them to take care of plants, and to make decorations, to make everything in our shop. They are a distinctive characteristic of those who share our same vocation.

Paolo and Elisa are exactly as they described themselves, smiling and passionate, we want to say thank you to have welcomed us in your shop for this interview, and we wish you all the best of luck for your future.