02 November 2018

Milan: Four Bars with Great Interior Design

In which Milan’s bar can you have a coffee immersed in a beautiful interior? Here four pieces of advice on where to go:

Matcha café

It has just opened in Porta Venezia, in viale Piave 33, following the three existing Milanese venues in Porta Vittoria 12, Gae Aulenti food district, and viale Col di Lana 5. The first bar opened in July 2016 by the owners of Bento and Osteria Brunello, from the idea of devoting a whole place to the renown Japanese green ingredient. Here the green tea is used in all kind of foods, and it is the protagonist of a fresh and young space, characterised by essential and delicate lines,  with recalls to origami and cherry flowers on walls.

Riad Food Garden

Riad is an unexpected garden, an oasis of passions and fantasies, a collection of already seen or narrated places. The owners wanted to create a place which reflected their passion for a good welcoming, combined to the experience in the green and lifestyle sector. Ceramics, glass, and any other object has been carefully selected, and everything displayed here can can be purchased.

Fuorimano OTBP

It opened in 2015, the name comes from the fact it is in a decentralised position  (between Greco, Bicocca and Ca’ Granda), at translation of “Off the beaten path“. A trendy place, located in a former industrial site and furnished with upcycle and modernist pieces, a mix of fabulous colours, and especially a lot of green. It is ideal for a Sunday brunch, where you can also play board games and video games, a nice refuge for the gloomy winter days,


Rosa & Co

A big bubble facing Corso Garibaldi, which recalls the attention of passing by instagrammers. Candy pink and gold decorated walls, marble tables, Mediterranean patterns on floor tiles,  make a lively and feminine environment. A doozy is the human-sized teddy bear which welcomes you at the second floor, together with a group of pink balloons, in a party-like mood.

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