01 March 2017

Long & Waterston: Design Homes in Shoreditch

A new development in the heart of East London focusing on the importance of quality and design excellence

Based in Shoreditch, an area rapidly considered the creative hub of the capital, the Long & Waterson development is an exquisite collection of homes focused on both the preservation and innovation of design excellence. The result of a collaborative process between architecture and interior design, Long & Waterson offers a life style founded in community, adaptability and culture. 119 individually designed lofts, apartments and penthouses are set within a complex of courtyards and sun walkways devised by Alexandra Steed Urban, with the creative direction of the project consulted by local interior designer and founder of Monologue London, Pavel Klimczak. Because of this, Long & Waterson, with its careful choice of materials and active interest in sociable living spaces for its residence, has resulted in a commitment to Shoreditch that is rarely seen.

The Interiors

“It was about creating a believable space for people that we knew would respond to the area and everything it has to offer”.  Pavel Klimczak – Owner of Monologue London and Interior Designer

Founded in 2014 by interior designer Pavel Klimczak, Monologue London began as a contemporary concept store located on Shoreditch’s popular Redchurch Street intended to offer beautifully crafted, high quality products from both established and emerging brands.

With a focus on independent designers, interiors and homeware, Monologue has grown to embody a more eclectic approach. Exclusive collaborations, one off pieces and consultancy have been incorporated into the store’s concept – offering a truly rounded design experience for both the industry and the customer. 2016 saw Monologue celebrate their second anniversary which fell alongside the London Design Festival 2016. A new store design was brought to life by graphic designer and art director Alessandro Monaco, which also worked to introduce a new selection of brands and limited edition pieces.

Why was it important to you to contribute to the Shoreditch neighbourhood with the Long & Waterson collaboration?

PK: “It was the first development project of this scale that I had worked on, but the building itself is something I really responded to. For example, the fact that each 119 apartments have completely unique floor-plans offers something that takes Long & Waterson to a different level.” [longandwaterson.com]

The Architecture

“I think we’ve kept the scheme very organic, with curves, white surfaces, and a richly landscaped inner garden. We also worked hard to ensure that we stayed grounded within the neighbourhood and encouraged congregation, interaction with nature and a sense of community – none of which you necessarily get in a modern tower block.” Eran Chen – Founder and Executive Director of Architectural Firm ODA

Eran Chen is the founding principal of ODA. His multi award winning projects have been praised for their social responsibility, and innovative contributions to contemporary urban life, such as East 44th Street, Manhattan’s ultra thin tower with open gardens; 123 Melrose, a one million square foot residential development; and Hunters Point South, NYC’s largest affordable housing project in more than forty years.

Since its inception in 2007, seeking to reorder architectural priorities by putting people first, ODA challenges conventional perspectives of dwelling that will, over time, influence life in our cities. Through a range of projects, ODA seeks to reconcile the conditions of vertical urban living with the qualities which benefit and nurture us as human beings: the desire for a  protected shelter while observing wide perspectives, the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, and the general improvement of life through good design. ODA explores the current cultural needs and conditions to reveal the unused territories within both buildings and neighbourhoods. ODA’s buildings celebrate life, catalyzing change in their immediate environments

The Green

“It is completely urban, yet due to the network of routes surrounding it, the location is surprisingly calm and quiet, providing a place of tranquility in this inner-city location.” Alexandra Steed – Owner and founder of Alexandra Steed URBAN

Alexandra steed based her project for the Long & Waterson on the following principles:

Warm and welcoming: A secret garden emerging from this gritty urban environment, creating an inviting, comfortable and welcoming oasis for residents and visitors. The green space will offer residents an inspiring sanctuary from the concrete jungle.

Cool and Contextual: Strongly rooted in Shoreditch’s rough triangle embracing the cool, gritty urban edge characteristic of the neighbourhood’s industrial history.

Diverse and Dynamic: A vibrant landscape that creeps into the hard urban environment. A green and refreshing destination that provides a place for everyone to relax, work, meet others or hang out.