21 January 2016

Loja Do Bispo: Concept Store in San Paolo by Pinky Wainer

We were at home of a dear friend recently, and we were surprised by some of the small original home accessory around his house, like this one in the picture, a cushion with the shape of a anatomic heart, and we found out they were all coming from a Brazilian concept store in San Paolo.

Those who love little artworks, and are always looking for the most beautiful and interesting object, know where to go in San Paolo, at Loja do Bispo – a store opened in 2005 by Pinky Wainer – in  Rua Melo Alves 348. Inside here shop, Pinky proposes art at accessible prices through four myths: sex, drug, rock’n’roll and religion.She also sells books and objects by young talents, and Brazilian contemporary photographers. You can find the erotic artworks by the artist  Nelson Leirner and the series “Sumburu” by the Canadian photographer  Lyle Owerko. Moreover you can also buy the artistic works by Pinky, who personalise many of the items sold in the shop, everything is always in exclusive and limited editions.