18 July 2019

The Other Side of Design - Dinner set-up to launch MDW 2019

The Other Side of Design is a dinner which took place in a loft in Fornace Curti to launch MDW 2019.

Three design influencers (Gucki, Basil Green Pencil and Ausnuance) invite a creative collective of designers and makers at dinner, in order to inaugurate the Milan Design Week 2019. The contemporary side of design is alive, and swarms inside the crevices between companies and clients, it finds fertile ground in the nowadays liquid society, and sinks its roots upon it, making the current design scenario bloom.

Who are the guests? Socials tell about design, and the new designers tell about themselves through them. As it is already common in music and art, those who design today are self-makers, and self-marketers, they act local and reach global, involving those sharing and supporting their same vision, refreshing the sector, and embracing the future. E’ stato un piacere trascorrere questa cena conviviale insieme a:

Gustavo Martini – Furniture designer

Mariana Martini – Interior designer

Utkan Gunerkan – 3D artist

Vito Nesta – Furniture and finishes designer

The Project

A dinner focused on hospitality and table top design, aiming at the creation of awareness and focus on a niche sector (design) which is cutting its slice of space on socials, embracing the digital world and showing off as an outbrake of independent, international creativity, free from intermediaries. The dinner wants to highlight the role of digital, storytelling and socials in the design world, in a moment where all the sector is looking at Milan with a special eye. The other side means all the creative people (illustrators, product designers, interior designers, photographers, makers etc…) who work in Milan as freelancers, who are writing a new story, and they tell it online everyday, with a very personal language. The online gets into design and viceversa. This new collective of creative people also work with historical furniture companies, they tell about them on socials, supporting and sharing their value. The sponsors willing to flank this event are going to be involved in a new way of talking design which is spreading relentless.