26 October 2015

Julia & The Bread Companion: A Designer's Bakery

Sometimes designers’s lives take unexpected routes, that is what happened to Julia Georgallis, and graduate from the Royal College of Art who, after university, decided to dedicate herself to an innovative way of baking bread. I met Julia in East London a few weeks ago, she was working in front of the renown SCP showroom, with which she was in partnership for the London Design Festival weekend. Julia tells: “This idea of devoting myself to bread making came out during my studies, when I used to work part time in a bakery, and I gradually got passionated about this job.” As a designer she used her knowledge and skills to build up a moving, micro bakery, named The Bread Companion, that now travels around encouraging people to eat, bake and buy healthy bread.

The Bread Companion was inspired by communal bread ovens of the past, the bakery uses a wood fired oven to bake and sell fresh bread, as well as to teach people how to make their own homemade loaves. Run by part baker, part designer, Julia GeorgallisThe Bread Companion moves around the U.K collaborating with bakers, producers and communities.

Why doing it? In 1961, the Chorleywood Bread Process was invented, halving the production time of the everyday loaf. This gave rise to anaemic, supermarket bread and destroyed much of the UK’s bread culture, putting a much unhealthier loaf on the nation’s tables. The Bread Companionencourages people to appreciate good bread, drawing inspiration from communal bread ovens and international bread cultures and recipes.

This is a story where design supports passion and for a good cause. Creativity skills here are used to make everyone’s life better, through a smart and simple idea that can make the difference.