20 November 2018

Interview to Mette Hay at Design Republic in Milan

We had the chance to interview Matte Hay in march 2018 at the launch of Kitchen Market at Design Republic, developed with the Danish chef Frederik Bille Brahe.

How did the HAY collaboration wit Design Republic start?

We met four years ago at our store in Copenhagen and we have worked together since. We held the preview of the Kitchen Market collection in June last year in Copenhagen, and then we launched in NY at MOMA design store. Design republic is the first place we have the full collection here in Italy.

What is the beginning of HAY brand?

 When my husband and I met 20 years ago we both were working for other companies, and we had the chance to come to Salone de Mobile, and get to know Giulio Cappellini. I really like Cappellini’s work, Giulio found talents around the world and he brought them to Italy, making  them work with basic manufacture. Our dream came from there, to work with the best designers in the world, but to create products which were affordable.

Any advice for the young designers who want to approach a company like yours with their products?

 I think I can only say what I react on as a manufacturer, the designer has to have a clear idea,  it is someting about the right idea coming at the right time. You also need to know a little about production, be aware of what’s going on in the world and why it consequently makes sense to produce these kind of products, and also then have a little bit of knowledge about costs.

What keeps you inspired?

I get inspired everywhere, but I think travelling makes the most, I believe something happens to us when you sit on an airplane and go somewhere else, you are away from emails, even though you are still a little bit on your phone but, you are talking from far away, you see things differently. You can think there is something fashionable in saying you get inspired by travelling, but something happens when you travel, you need to have your eyes open.

What’s the vision you have when you think to your collections?

My husband takes care of all the creative direction for our furniture, I do for our accessories, and I love doing everyday updates and integrations, it could be a matchbox, a towel, a dish washing liquid,all those things that you touch everyday.  Accessories are related to people and their personalities, if you take this cutting board for example, some people would display it in the kitchen against the wall, some would put it in the drawer, some would have on the table, some would like it clean and some other would prefer to have it coloured, and for me all these differences do matter.