04 September 2019

Stage Design for Floral workshop at 5vie

Stage design we did for the flower workshop at the venue of 5vie is a celebration of spring through design and creative experience.

5thMay 2019 – we arrived in the morning at the venue in via Cesare Correnti 14, the room Kenny opened to us is the same Sara Ricciardi used during Fuorisalone 2018, you could still see the hooks on the ceiling. The thing we loved the most of this place is the decadent look, ancient details of carved wood all around the doors, very high ceilings, and cementina tiles of old Milano on the floor.  You could feel a nostalgic atmosphere left by the time passing, a poetic background to frame the workshop we organised for the afternoon. Against the topic of spring which was protagonist of the workshop that day looked like a November day. We downloaded wood, net, paper, tools box and we assembled everything, we spent at least 3 hours doing this. The background we made was conceived for the final pics guests would have been taking at the end, with their finished art works, a  paper stage wall represented by the wild vegetation which gives the ideal look for an Instagram-friendly .

After lunch our guests arrive to fill up the room, on the big table each one has got its own kit with double glass, and a collection of wild flowers hand picked by Maykol during weekends on the mountains and left to dry between book pages. We start an introduction about the art of drying flowers, and the best way to naturally get them, advice on composition, and how fix them with glue at a later stage. The double glass frame is ideal for all those things you want to get visible also from behind, such as Egyptian papyrus, Indian leaves, Mexican barks, or some ancient documents with consumed edges, and of course flowers.

At the end all the guests made their own composition and our stage design worked as we wished. Here below all the photos we took with those involved, a special thanks to  5vie and Phormalab for the support.