07 November 2016

IKEA WINTER collection 2016 - Christmas catalog

The IKEA WINTER collection includes everything you need for your holiday season from cookie baking, to cocktail parties, to holiday feasts, to foldable beds for guests. We have everything under one roof, and the know-how to make it all come together beautifully.

Most of us tend to romanticize the holidays. But as they draw closer, the hustle and bustle sets in. Then before we know it, the season’s over and it’s almost like we never really got to enjoy it. So this year, you can do things differently. This year, IKEA is coming with a flat-pack of help.

It’s the holiday season. So just relax, and let IKEA help you make it the best one ever.

Styles of the season

This year’s WINTER collection is inspired by late 19th century Swedish folklore.

It embraces simplicity with authentic and warm materials – yarn, wool, leather, linen, felt, natural woods and metal. Traditional patterns and prints are presented in muted, natural colors, as well as seasonal golds and reds.

The WINTER collection ranges from decorations, lighting and textiles, to dinnerware, bakeware and gift wrap. We have everything to make your home feel super inviting this year.

There is no need to be overwhelmed by the holidays, because there are lots of ways to bring the seasonal atmosphere home, even without a pine tree. You’ll find all you need at IKEA – the lights, the decorations, just add your own personal touch.