11 November 2015

IKEA Christmas 2015 News!

We know you are keen on having Christmas news from IKEA, so today we introduce all the amazing items the Swedish company has prepared for the Christmas festivities 2015. In order to recreate the magic atmosphere of these festivities and get ready for the coming of the new year, IKEA proposes a collection which is comprehensive of home decorations, lights, fabrics, glasses to cheer, and trays to serve traditional desserts, scented candles, gift paper and many other things, everything translated into two different styles.

The first part of this new collection reflects the classical and romantic side of Christmas traditions, going back in time, looking for the meeting point between ancient and modern, getting inspired by fairy castles, metal and precious decorative details such as laces and engravings.The light is the fundamental element of Christmas, so the second style of the IKEA collection plays with simple shapes in order to have an unexpected and highly decorative outcome, which fulfills of magic every home environment. Putting together glossy and opal surfaces, light timber and fresh pastel colours, you have all the ingredients to live in a new and personal way the traditions. The collection is available in IKEA shops from the 1st of November 2015 until run our of stock.