25 June 2018

Home decor ideas for a design summer

Interior design and decorations for the summer, how to furnish your home in the warm season to live all our moments to perfection, like on holiday!

Which home decor choose for the warm season that has just begun?

In this period we all want to renew, leave behind us the cold and release colors and emotions. Without necessarily completely change all your spaces you can refurnish your home, decorate with small accessories, but overall you will get a fresh and new environment, full of good vibes.

Our furnishing ideas reflect these characteristics. In our work we often meet requests of this kind, small interventions that help to totally revolutionize home. For the 2018 summer, we definitely want to focus on the timeless pastel colors and warmer nuances, certainly opaque on every surface from the walls to the accessories. Very strong also the desire to mix, mix textures, dare with stronger colors, wood combined with thick and processed fabrics, but also literally composite materials such as Terrazzo, are the right choice for those who want always follow trends.

In the gallery below our targeted choices, that in most cases, you can also buy them directly online as for Design Republic. Starting from the colors of Tacchini furniture, passing through the new Novamobili proposals, to the beautiful (and super instagrammable) dishes by Ilaria Innocenti and many others.

Let us know which on do you prefer!