01 October 2018

Homo Faber: the European craftsmanship on show in Venice

We have been in Venice from the 13thto the 16thof September, and we good see a preview of the event-exhibition Homo Faber: «A celebration of all those things humans can make better than a machine». The best European cfraftsmenship on show every day from the 14thto the 30thof september, from 10.00 to 7:00 pm.

The majestic monumental building of Fondazione Giorgio Cini, in the core of the Venetian lagoon, hosted Homo Faber, an exhibition-event dedicated to the European craftsmenship. Galleries, kiosks, library and even the former Gandini pool, welcomed a series of artworks, installations and workshop to celebrate the excellence of the European know-how.

Homo Faber got in partnership with a valuable team, made of high-profile personalities such as Michele De Lucchi (architect and designer), Judith Clark (fashion and museology professor in London), Jean Blanchaert (gallerist), Stefano Boeri (renown architect and president of Triennale di Milano), India Madhavi (Paris based interior designer). Each curator imagined one of the single 16 themes in the exhibition, highlighting a wide range of materials and techniques: from the rarest and most traditional jobs, to the most innovative and contemporary activites in craftsmenship.

Homo Faber has been involving. The public had the possibility to meet artisans in first person, and see them at work. A unique opportunity to admire how ancient and modern art pieces get restored, how you build bespoke bicycles, and how the greatest artisans make their precious creations. Throughout a rich selection of photographic images, GoPro and VR technologies, visitors got transported inside the workshops, in order to understand how you can create authentic timeless works with the connection between hand, head, and heart.

«The expression Homo Faber comes from the Renaissance, and catches and enhances the extraordinary human creativity», says Johann Rupert, co-founder of Michelangelo Foundation. «The exhibition provides an overview of the best European craftsmanship, and, at the same time, it highlights a less obvious aspect: what human beings can do better than machines».

A masterpiece in architectural and artistic sectors, but also the centre of humanistic and cultural studies, the Giorgio Cini Foundation represented the ideal location for Homo Faber. The event opened the doors to some of the rooms which normally are not accessible for the public.

«For this manifestation we chose Venezia, bulwark of culture, art and crafts excellence, but also a place of unparalleled beauty», explains Franco Cologni, co-founder of Michelangelo Foundation. «Venice continues to be, today like in all its history, a nerve centre of exchanges and connections».

Homo Faber was organised by Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship, a no-profit international organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland. Its mission was to enhance and preserve craftsmanship, reinforcing its relationships with the design world. Deeply anchored to a culture and tradition of excellence, Michelangelo Foundation is aware of reality and challenges of global economy in which we live. Michelangelo Foundation puts its efforts to support women and men which dedicate themselves to these professions.