27 October 2015

DIY Halloween 2015 - Chalkboard, Copper and White Pumpkins

The scariest night of the year is getting close, are you looking for a cutting edge and quick decoration to celebrate Halloween? We made this simple DIY tutorial in order to turn the famous pumpkins into trendy accessories. You can use also pumpkins with a ruined or scratched surface, these colours will give a new life to them. We chose three finishes: total white, metallic/copper effect and chalkboard, the latter is perfect for the most creative minds. Here below all the necessary!


– Pumpkins of any shape and colour;

– Spray primer for the base;

– Spray paint (colours you want);

– Paper sellotape or similar;

– Scissors.

We suggest to protect yourself and your surfaces with gloves, cloths, mask (to not inhale smokes), all of these are going to save you from having to clean all the house once the work is done. Choose also an airy and low humidity room to allow the paint to dry up quickly.

First step: clean all the pumpkins from dust and dirt for a perfect adherence of the paint.

Cover with paper, and sellotape all the areas you want to maintain with the natural colour, here we have decided to “save” only half pumpkin for its particular texture.

Following the indications of colour manufacturer on the can, cover the surface with a first go of primer and wait for the perfect drying before to continue. We suggest to make practice with the sprays in this first phase – distance, pressure, and movement – this base is very useful, nut it will be recovered anyway, do not worry for the little mistakes.

Chalkboard paint. You can use this to make your pumpkin drawable, so that with chalks you can create spooky faces and funny writes in theme with Halloween on the surface!

 Metallic copper spray colour.

You can choose to add the details you prefer once the base colour is dried. Cut simple paper shapes to use as stencil or help yourself with the paper tape to exclude or highlight certain parts, set free your imagination for unexpected results!