02 April 2017

Geelli - Soft and Colourful Home Goods

Nora - The Soft Mirror

Our today society is liquid, as Bauman used to say, so we need versatile products, ready to adjust to any necessity, like we do.

Geelli sells home goods totally in line with this idea, together with the innovation of the material, polyurethane gel, Geelli managed to produce objects with a nice touch, doughy, colourful, and with lively shades and shapes.

This company developed the tactile potential of polyurethane gel, trusting the view of some young designers such as the couple Giorgia Zanellato/Daniele Bortotto, who gave shape to a curious and versatile accessory: Nora mirror. They designed a box (the base),  and a mirror with an adjustable inclination. Nora is ideal for the most common domestic situations, to be used like front door dish, jewel case in the bedroom, and make up box in the bathroom.

Design by: Giorgia Zanellato/Daniele Bortotto

Dimensions: L20 xD9 H26 cm

Cost: 76,86 

Fusto Torre - Organizer on Hand

Fusto Torre  is a container designed to organise the inside of bathroom drawers, but also to stay on the ledge, next to the basin, to keep combs, brushes, and cotton buds within reach. What makes polyurethane gel different is the memory form, which allows the material to quickly respond to deformation, going back to its original shape. Polyurethane gel gives a pleasant touch, and has got an opalescent or semitransparent look, and it can be coloured easily. It is extremely flexible, resistant, and durable, very elastic and easily adjustable for the body’s shape, absorbing shocks, and therefore increasing  the quality of use of products.

Design by: Monica Graffeo

Dimensions: L100 x D100 x H130 mm

Cost: 43,9 

D’OC Portasciugamano - Taste of Provence

I attached D’Oc Portasciugamano on my bathroom wall, a lovely accessory to hang on towels, with a Provençal inspiration, but revisited in a contemporary key by the designer Monica Graffeo. It is really easy to attach, without the use of screws or any other glue which is not included in the package. Shortly I will also buy  D’Oc Portarotolo, the  twin for toilet paper.

Design by: Monica Graffeo

Dimensions: 31 x 22 x h 3,5 cm

Costs: 67,93