24 March 2017

FuoriSalone 2017: DOUTDESign 2017 5th Edition at Zona Santambrogio

DOUTDESign 2017

The main event in the headquarter of Zona Santambrogio is DOUTDESIGN  in via San Vittore 49, at its 5th edition. DOUTDESIGN promotes the self-production of young designers, showing a change where creatives are the protagonists of the entire process: concept, production, marketing, distribution, and in open contamination with the world of makers, a fusion which is shaping the objects surrounding us. Telling about this world in mutation through the work of young people who invent, experiment, make mistakes and create. DOUTDESIGN is the major venture in ZONA SANTAMBROGIO, a project by Re.rurban Studio. A week of exhibition, performances and musical events. Open every day during Fuorisalone from 11:00 to 23:00, until 24:00 over the weekend.

BENCHMARK - Davide Galli

The project consists in a series of modular furniture pieces for outdoor spaces, adjustable to the necessities of the final user, and to the place where they are positioned. The basic element is extremely resistant to loads, and once the oxidation process ends, it gets an iridiscent copper colour: corten steel. The green part is a soft lawn which allows everyone to appreciate the benefits of a comfortable raised seat, as well as ornamental plants and the possibility to farm vegs.

Benchmark is a project by Davide Galli

ALCHIMIA - Ginevra Taccola

This project was born in order to find a natural solution to the synthetic plastics, and also to improve the resistance of modern bioplastic through the use of a natural component. Doing research, the designer discovered that inside the peel of oranges there is a substance which makes them hard and resistant, therefore she decided to use it to develop a new material. That is how OrangeBI was invented. OrangeBI is a 100% eco friendly material, since it is made of industrial waste like the orange peel, which is not toxic, does not have disposal costs, degrades in 4 days and decomposes into the ground becoming also a good fertilizer.

OrangeBI can be coloured in mouldings thanks to its density, and you can print on it with digital printers, it gets very well the texture on which it is laid, and can also be thermformed and laser cut.

Alchimia is a project by Ginevra Taccola

PRESENCE & PATIENCE - Sandra Lundberg

Presence is a light-object that encourages interaction. The light pulsates rhythmically in a soothing (blue) color, creating a harmonic atmosphere. Presence reacts to movement. When you get closer, the color of the light intensi es. This invites to a playful contact between the object and the viewer. The aim of Presence is to create fun, meaningful and even unexpected experiences for the viewer. Presence stimulates contact regardless of age, physical or mental capacity. It is intuitive and speaks directly to the senses. Presence is all about being present.

Patience is a table object in the same spirit as Presence. By touching the surface of the object with your hands, you can influence the brightness and color of the light. It is a direct and intimate way to play and interact with light. Together the two objects Presence and Patience form a dynamic duo that complements each other.

Presence and Patience sono progetti di Sandra Lundberg

ME NE LAVO - Sara Monacchi, Maria Testelli, Luca Toscano, Luca Viscardi

MeNeLavo is a family of four soaps with a brick-like shape, designed in order to make Italians sensitive about the issue of urbanization abuses. It makse you think in a sarcastic way to how, sometimes, we “wash our hands of it.”.

MeNeLavo is a project by Sara Monacchi, Maria Testelli, Luca Toscano and Luca Viscardi.

TABLE SWING - Tania Falco, Francesca Liquori, Maria Del Vecchio

Table Swing is a table for children from 3 to 6 years old, which through a simple gesture it turnes into a rocking horse. It is made in wood and non-toxic dyes, the minimal design allows the table to be mounted and disassmbled in a couple of minutes through simple joints. 100% eco-friendly: totally made of wood, with no glue, screws, bolts, easy to move, and with the possibility to recover the single pieces, flat packing. Table swing is made cutting one single sheet of plywood with the pantograph.

Table Swing is a project by Tania Falco, Francesca Liquori, Maria Del Vecchio.