14 April 2019

Fuorisalone 2019: The Best Installations

After a week of views all over Milan, we make the point with a list of the best design outcomes from this Fuorisalone 2019.

You find an overview of what we visited in our dedicated highlight on Instagram (MDW19), but here we wish to make a further skimming, rewarding with an article those spaces we loved the most, and which managed to communicate a message and an innovation in the design sector, in a very creative language, with a great outcome regarding both the narrative and the visual.

Land by Poggi Ugo and Masquespacio, curated by Valentina Guidi Ottobri

The Poggi Ugo company, established in 1919, still creates its magnificent terracotta objects, a real symbol of the Impruneta area, with time-honoured manual and artisanal techniques. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the business, Antonella and Lorenzo Andrei, nephews of the founder, together with curator Valentina Guidi Ottobri, developed the project Land, under the creative direction of Masquespacio, founded in 2010 by Spanish duo Christophe Penasse and Ana Milena Hernández. Awarded numerous international prizes, Masquespacio have interpreted terracotta as a refined synthesis of art and nature. Taking inspirations from the past and the present and creating a dialogue between them, Land evokes a new aesthetic vision, a creative example of the contemporary metamorphosis that terracotta goes through when dexterity meets design.

Nilufar Depot - Suspended bubble by Space Caviar

FAR is an exhibition curated by Valentina Ciuffi of Studio Vedét (who launched ALCOVA in NoLolast year with Joseph Grima) and designed by Joseph Grima of Space Caviar.  ‘FAR’ captures a snapshot of a new generation, with reference to the former, in a bid to understand how design has evolved. It does so by paying homage to some of the most radical experiments of the twentieth century: at the center of the exhibition there are three large inflated bubbles, based on the utopian Oase n.7 presented by Haus Rucker at Documenta 5 in 1972. Nina Yashar notes how today these bubbles are not only a reality but a very ‘simple’ and affordable one to realise. with this, she draws on the importance of looking to the past in order to understand the current condition of design: ‘the parallelism between the same objects projected in two different time frames allows for the speculation on how much time is needed to truly understand the importance of an event and clearly perceive its development across history.

Visionary crochet by Alessandra Roveda for Missoni

For this edition, Missoni has decided to color the Brera design district with the installation “Home Sweet Home” curated by Angela Missoni and the artist Alessandra Roveda. Specifically for this occasion, Alessandra Roveda has conceived a pervasive atmosphere with a magical fairy-tale interior completely enveloped in multicoloured knits; breathing life into one of her most spectacular, demanding and ambitious bodies of work yet. The creation of Alessandra Roveda is an extraordinary example of art and craftsmanship, allowing her to reinterpret and reinvent the space, as well as the textures and furnishings, and transform the habitat into an inviting and exhilarating experience of sensuality, colour and softness, while casting the knitted materials as the sole protagonists. She refashions crochets into fascinating and enveloping garments of things; a trait-d’union between the past and the future.

Les Arcanistes by Studio Pepe

Studiopepe’s Manifesto Project for Milan Design Week 2019 unfolds inside a large industrial space which was used in the 1900s for the manufacturing of gold. These previously unseen spaces house an investigation into the strong interconnection between matter and the archetypal power of symbols. The archanists were the first chemists, holders of the arcane (secret) knowledge of the formulas used to create porcelain and for the manufacturing of matter in general, such as glass and metals. Arcanas are also featured on the 21 tarot cards, where they represent the collective unconscious. This led to Studiopepe’s highly personal interpretation of the interplay between matter and divination.

“there are two different types of people in the world, those who want to know, and those who want to believe”.

F. Nietzsche

Six Project II, The Sister Hotel at Six Gallery

During MDW2019, Six reveal a brand new project that will become part of the Six world. It’s the new hôtellerie project The Sister Hotel, with the concept envisioned by Six art director Samuele Savio and the interior design curated by the designer duo Quincoces- Dragò, founders of the Six Gallery. Alongside the hospitality novelty, Six Gallery will present Six Project, the new design collection by Quincoces-Dragò, which will carry visitors onto an oriental atmosphere. Finally, it will be possible to relax in the intimate setting of GinO12/Sixième bistrot.