15 March 2017

FuoriSalone 2017: news and events at 5VIE district

5VIE and Milano Design Week

After winning the Milano Design Award, the fourth edition of the design week at 5VIE district is starting, with even more international events and a special attention to territorial marketing.

This year again, the goal is to promote and acknowledge the new district’s venues by organizing accurate cultural events in the area. History, culture and innovation: these are the values of 5VIE Art+Design, which has been working for four years to carry out its cultural and territorial marketing project to promote Milan’s Old Town.

Le 5VIE - The 5 Streets

Literally, the 5 Streets – 5VIE – are Via Santa Marta, Via Santa Maria Podone, Via Santa Maria Fulcorina, Via Bocchetto and Via del Bollo. After 4 years, this district has become wider but compact at the same time, it is characterized by Roman roots and Milanese features, archaeological remains, beautiful cloisters, modern architecture and new areas that are being renovated.

Thanks to the work of the past few years for building a strong brand identity and new communication strategies, a bunch of streets is now a urban project of international interest. This year the micro-areas of the district are shown, each of them is characterized by co-production and cultural collaboration projects, which have been chosen by the four district’s founders (Alessia del Corona Borgia, Emanuele Tessarolo, Aline Parisetti Calvi Radice Fossati and Ernesta Del Cogliano) together with PS, the district’s Design Advisor since the first edition.

The novelty: Piazza Gorani

5VIE has constantly collaborated with local authorities with the purpose of contributing to the area’s urban development and to raise awareness of important matters such as Piazza Mentana and Piazza San Sepolcro requalification. Little by little, very central areas – not popular among designers – have been brought to the fore.

This willing to go on, move further and carry on developing, underlying, building up and relaunching has as a result that this year the 5VIE cultural production centre has been moved to the brand new, even if very ancient, Piazza Gorani. The Square is a real mass of superimpositions: there are the ruins of the ancient Imperial Palace, the Maximian walls, two towers, remains of second world war bombings.

A design curated Piazza for Creative minds

It’s here where 5VIE produced the project FOYER GORANI a design curated Piazza for creative minds where will be presented, curated by Federica Sala/PS, the projects and the styles of four international talents, which are very different one from the other but which share a common, spontaneous approach and the research on materials: the new collection Drawn to production by the Norwegian Sigve Knutson (in collaboration with the Carwan Gallery), the retrospective of the most recent works of the Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis, and a tribute to the artistic research of the Swedish designer Hilda Hellström.

5VIE co-produced also the celebration the Vaso Naso project by Matteo Cibic that celebrates his one year-long semiological research on ceramic shapes. Next to the new Brisa-Gorani cultural area there will be the following areas: Magenta/Meravigli, Cesare Correnti and San Maurilio-Santa Marta-Piazza Affari, also crossed this year by creative cyclone Design Pride by Seletti, Wunderkammer and YOOX.

More and more often, many different International and local stakeholders decide to permanently settle down in this area, because of its style, projects and quality manufacturing. Enterprises, small editors, independent designers, artisans but also popular brands and new showrooms that identify themselves with the values of the district.