26 December 2016

Four New “Goodnight Books” by Minerva Editions for Due Torri Hotels

Four new titles dedicated to the four renown artistic towns for the guests of Due Torri Hotels Group.

Have you planned a New Year’s Eve in the most renown Italian artistic towns? If you are going to stay in one of the luxury hotels of Due Torri Hotels Group, leader in the hospitality Italian sector, in Bologna, Florence, Genoa or Verona, you will find directly in your own room the latest titles of “Goodnight Books” published by Minerva Editions: each book is dedicated to one of the artistic town where the group is located. A way to enhance the value of hotels in the heart of each town, where they are hosted in historical palaces, full of artworks and exclusive details, places which take directly part into the cultural local life, also thanks to renovation and recovery projects started by Due Torri Hotels.

The books, in Italian and English, give a moment of discovery, unveiling curious details and compelling stories about Bologna and the young student Giacomo Leopardi; Genoa told by the pen of Henry James; Florence and its art revealed by the poet Arthur Symons; and Verona admired by a privileged point of view. The editorial project has already sent to print other Goodnight Books, which year after year accompany the sleep of the hotel’s guests: “The Voice of the King. Farinelli in Bologna”, “Mozart in Bologna. The Exam of the Filarmonica Academy”, “Futurism in Bologna”, “Juliet and Romeo. Love without time for Verona”, ” A town that takes your heart” (about Genoa), “When Florence became capital 1865-1871”, “Signoria Square in the heart of Florence”.

The Titles

  • Grand Hotel Majestic: “Paolina Mia” Leopardi in Bologna, by Beatrice Buscaroli. Beatrice Buscaroli, historian and art writer, in the Goodnight Book that will be found by Grand Hotel Majestic’s guests in their rooms from Christmas, wrote about the 13 months during which Leopardi has stayed in the “Dotta”, through the letters to his sister Paolina and his brother Carlo.

  • Bristol Palace: In my welcoming hotel in Genoa by Henry James curated by Attilio Brilli. Henry James tells about Genoa in the Belle Epoque. Henry James (1843-1916), the great American novelist, did 14 trips to Italy. In 1909 he published Italian Hours, a collection of essays written since 1872, from which the pages about Genoa are taken. Many of his novels and stories were inspired by Italy. Attilio Brilli is one of the most renown experts of travel literature, to which he dedicated many essays translated in multiple languages, including The Great Story of the trip to Italy (2014).

  • Bernini Palace“Florence, there is not town where you can live better” by Arthur Symons curated by Attilio Brilli. “Florence, there is no town where you can live better” used to say the British poet Arthur Symons, writing this in black and white on his travel report Cities of Italy, published in 1903. This exclamation is also the title of the latest  Goodnight Book dedicated to Donatello’s hometown, which Symons used to defined “a corridor of elegance and beauty”.

  • Due Torri Hotel: from “The terrace of dreams” a tour to the heart of Verona. It is from the Due Torri Hotel location, the  XIII century “Palazzo dell’Aquila”, where you start one of the most fascinating, romantic and private itineraries of Della Scala’s town. A tour promoted by Maria Teresa Ferrari, author and creator of cultural initiatives through the pages of her own volume with the title “The Terrace of Dreams”: referring to the location, the panoramic terrace of the 5 stars, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view.