03 November 2015

On the Thread of Art with Corinna Farchi

Last month we were invited to visit the great event of ABILMENTE at Vicenza Fiere. For us it was the first time and we were really impressed by the great participation – between protagonists of the creative sector and thousands of addicted curious – who are the true strength of ABILMENTE.

A dense program of creative workshops, courses and more. We met genuine creative makers and we want to begin the first article with our interview to Corinna FarchiAssociazione Sul Filo dell’Arte.

Corinna and l’Associazione Sul Filo dell’Arte, how did you arrive at ABILMENTE 2015 and what’s your story?

The association was founded about three years ago with an initial main activity of Yarn Bombing – going to seek sad and dark areas of the cities where we can bring color and life through real art attacks with our knitting – all in one night, for an always amazing wake up. After we veered slightly, always working outdoors, starting with a series of “Out of something” going to adorn the outside of the cities during exhibitions or events to create continuity and recall the event itself.

Last year, then suddenly we were invited during this period at the Atelier Crochet and Tricot, we knew we were in a group with already established artists, with their beautiful and special products, and the idea of finding ourselves in the same group for us didn’t seem appropriate, but recovering an old idea we decided to work/play with art and deal with “The room of Van Gogh.” This installation was pushing people to enter and photograph themselves, a beautiful social experiment, hence we inserted elements in the Atelier to engaging people to directly participate in the creation. After it was the time of a river always hand-knitted ready to be lengthen and embellish by everyone brought an item, then in springtime we proposed the Roses Cascade assembled with handworks of the participants, symbol against violence against women. This year we have this great black and white mandala with hundreds doilies supported this pop art living room, between Andy Warhol and Mondrian. A beautiful example of collective work, a phenomenon of aggregation around the crocheting and the new project of upcycling, where an old product finds a whole new skin.

The recurring question in our Leafers Interviews, Corinna, can you tell us if there’s an object or a feeling that accompanies you or it helps you to continue in your creative process?

In fact I’m thinking that the thing that amuses me and drives me through this passion is definitely the smile of the people – their faces, after a night bombing, in the morning, citizens finds renewed spaces and this leave in people an indescribable expression.