09 May 2014

DIY: Create your own Home Office corner

Reading the variety of emails we receive in studio everyday, we notice a lot of you are asking for an advice regarding work/study spaces at home, so the question is: how is it possible to create the right place to run your business with professionally and no stress?

Inspired by these questions we’ve created a new BGP original tutorial-DIY: how to turn in few steps a room corner into your real and functional Home Office. A few hours of work and you will have realized this new setting, and we guarantee your expense doesn’t exceed 50€. So, why wasting your time seeking expensive desks in stores, that may not have the right size or the perfect color? In this article you will find all the steps with details regarding materials and processes, have fun!


Wooden custom board;

2 wooden strips as wall brackets;

Shelf bracket (measured on the depth, we recommend at least three quarters of the total);

3 or 4 “L” brackets;

Transparent matt varnish a;

White Paint (or your favorite color).


Pencil, measure tape, spirit level;

Drill and drill bits for walls, screws and plugs (buy them based on your wall type);

Circular bur;


Masking tape;

Small paint roll.

BEFORE STARTING: for BasilGreenPencil your safety is primary, whether in one of these operations you don’t feel ease and sure, ask for some help from experienced people, don’t risk ditching your project or much worst a personal injury!

Start by scoring the wall with a pencil, create the guidelines for heights and position for the wall holes. After creating the holes with the drill, fix with screws and anchors the first wooden strip, it will be the first support of your plan.

Go on with the holes on the wall for the second wooden strip, it will support the plan side. Same thing for the shelf support bracket that will support your desk on the opposite side, so it will remain cantilever without the need of a leg that would create visual and functional obstacle.

Fasten your wooden top from below, in this way you can solve the problem of having unsightly visible screws on the desk. Use the “L” brackets as you can see in the picture above.

Calculate the right place where to drill a hole-pass cables. Using the round bur applied to the drill, remove the wood part, thus creating a perfect hole. Be extra careful using these tools, protect yourself with certificates gloves and glasses, the cutting force is very high, if you are unsure of these operations ask for help from a trusted person, prevention is the way!

Now your table is ready, use the sandpaper and remove all the splinters and dangerous parts, making it smooth and ready for the varnish. Protect the others parts the masking tape.

With the appropriate roller brush, varnish the wood with the product you have purchased. Read carefully the manufacturer’s directions on the box for an optimal and long lasting result.

Choose the finish that you like, use your creativity and create your own home-office. We used a matt transparent protective varnish for the horizontal surface and for the other parts a white varnish, to create a nice contrast with the edges and structural parts.

You just have to wait until it’s all perfectly dry and than decorate the new ambiance of your home, below you can see our result, what do you think about it? Share your work with us, use the hashtag #BGPdiy so we can see and enjoy your result! We wish you a good working time!