14 December 2015

Christmas DIY – LED Pegboard Minimal Christmas Tree

Here we are today, with a new DIY tutorial for this holiday season. We want to surprise you with a creative and contemporary idea for those are looking for an innovative Christmas Tree, also perfect if you have space problems or you want to contain costs, we can assure you that the total remains below 30€!

The minimalist look reminds us a Nordic design piece, we further decorated it with IKEA VINTER 2015 proposals to replace the classic colored balls, but this last phase can be customized by you in countless ways.

Four simple steps separates you from your Christmas LEDs tree, you will find everything you need and the detailed explanations below in the article. Look forward to your works and as always you can use our hashtag on socials #DesignTastesGood!


• Wooden Pegboard, we found our board here;

• LEDs chain, we suggest you to choose it short and battery operated to be able to move it easily;

• Christmas decoration;

• Paper tape and electrical (insulating) tape;

• Pencil.

IMPORTANT: Before you purchase the LEDs chain ensure that the size of the light source is suitable for the holes on the wooden panel, otherwise you will have to change their size one by one.

Working from the rear of the panel, use the paper tape and draw the main lines of the tree silhouette.

Highlight the selected points with the pencil and remove the tape.

Insert the LEDs into the holes and fix them with paper tape on the cable before and after the lights without creating any tension.

We suggest you to black-out the unused LEDs on the back with the electrical tape, to not spoil the final frontal effect.

The completed back.

Turn the panel and here it is – your Christmas LEDs Tree is completed, you can now decorate the surface of the panel by fixing in the holes your decorations. We decided to enhance this house corner with candles and other festive objects for a striking effect. Have fun!

In the dark the tree becomes an evocative element that transmits all the warmth of the winter holidays.