26 October 2017

Design Indoor plants - Autumn tips and ideas

Autumn has arrived and if we don’t want to give up nature here is a guide to indoor plants suitable for all the cold period!

Plants are a key part when it comes to furnishing and decorating, so we con bring the green into the house by choosing the right indoor plants in the cold season.

Care and grow our “green thumb” has a relaxing effect and evergreen interior plants are also easier to care, following few simple rules.

Light is fundamental, but remember to not expose our indoor plants to direct lights to avoid leaves burning.

The indoor temperature should remain between 18° and 20°C, we can go down a bit but not more than 15°C, a too low temperature may be fatal for your plants. The humidity inside the houses is lower than outside, don’t place pots and vases near heat sources and if necessary use vaporized water.

Water in winter must be reduced, especially indoor, watering plants only when the ground is dry keeping, in any case, regularity. Support plants also with natural fertilizer following the manufacturer’s instructions.

When it’s necessary eliminate and cut dry leaves, dead parts and dried flowers, to let the plant grow better.

On the market there are endless types of plants, broad or narrow leafy, clambering or ready to hang, tall and elegant or like succulents a real trend of this period. The choice is very personal, but it must be thought out by following all the rules to make plants live better.

As for furniture and design, plants also follow trends and fashion, among the blogs and magazines the most photographed is certainly Monstera (or Philodendron) with its “monstrous” big leaves.

You can find below a small list of plants that will make your home more beautiful even in the cold season of the year.