06 June 2016

How to Create the Perfect Nursery - Decorating idea

Let’s start the week with a mini guide to create the perfect nursery. We recently worked on the decorations of the room of this pictures and we want to share the result with you.

Starting from the choice of the wall colours, all the rest came accordingly. As you can see from the photos this shade of gray can be easily combined with pastel colours, the perfect choice for a contemporary nursery. The gray walls are interrupted by a triangular pattern on a white background that you can easily achieve through a paper stencil.

To make the atmosphere more fun and playful, we recommend you to create a prints and frames compositions on the wall, Etsy.com has a section dedicated to children where you’ll find hundreds of beautiful proposals including illustrations and photos. To complete the animal set, we decided to add an handmade creation by Ohioja who works animals, vegetables and more figures with knitting needles.

To leave the right space for a future creative mind, part of the wall has been painted with chalkboard paint, above the picture ledge is also useful to neatly store all the colored chalks.

The rest of the room has several shelves and storage units, for all future eventualities and it’s easy to convert the space following all of the growth stages, especially the bed space that will enlarge with the years.

© images BasilGreenPencil.com