15 October 2017

How keep your wardrobe tidy with K11: the modular wardrobe

When the wardrobe gets light

Do you need of a wardrobe that takes little space, and that helps you to keep everything tidy, as well as function as a decor element in your room? The answer is K11.

K11 is a wardrobe made of open modules, which integrates the function of traditional wardrobe with the one of a toilette and a clothes hanger in a continuous way. It is ideal for small residential and hospitality spaces, as well as for lofts, where you need multifunctional furniture, which can be customised, and built up according to necessities, in order to have a tidy wardrobe.

Each module can be sold as single, or in composition with others, and it includes a series of accessories which can vary in dimension and number according to the necessities of the client (ex. width of chest of drawers, number of shelves..). K11 represents an evident trend of our period, where before to get to the definitive and solid furniture piece, you go from dynamic and adjustable solutions to the need of a person. It constitute a solution of high quality compared to the offer of the big distribution, and an economic alternative to the proposal of high end brands.

Have you got a room or a small hotel/airbnb which needs a practical, light, and adjustable wardrobe to respond your necessities? K11 is the ideal solution, do not hesitate to get in touch for orders and info.

+39 3420252278 – Chiara