06 May 2015

CoEdition furniture at Agape12 – Interview with Charles Coriat

CoEDITION is pursuing its role as an editor of modern and creative french furniture by expanding its collections to include exceptional new products designed by Patricia Urquiola, Patrick Jouin, Michael Anastassiades, Aki and Arnaud Cooren, Marco Zanuso Jr and Alain Moatti.

The high quality collections are the result of exhaustive research, meticulous and diligent development and technical innovations refined by the designers and the distributor. This ensures that each object is different and unique and born out of a passion for design. CoEDITION offers its french and international customers collections which are essential, unique and accessible.

We met the Sales Manager Charles Coriat, son of the founder, Samuel Coriat, and here there is our interview:

You are very young, just 25, can you tell us about the story of this company?

CONDITION is a new company based in Paris, born just one year and half ago, it was founded by my father after more than 30 years experience in another design company he create in 1973, Artelano. We have started working with six renown designers, and we are now exhibiting with Agape because we feel we have something in common in our creative vision. We produce everything in north of Italy, the the famous Brianza area, with the same manufacturers we had been using for years with Artelano.

What is the relation with your designers?

We like to mix, to collaborate both with renown designers like Patricia Urquiola, Patrick Jouin and Marco Zanuso but also with emerging talents like A+A Cooren, Victoria Wilmotte and Michael Anastassiades. We give specific briefs to our designers in order to have coherent collections, and we aim to get a kind of timeless refinement for each product, in order to become a solid reference for the French design.