Christmas Workshop 2018 - Live

29 January 2019
Video BGP Studio

Christmas Workshop 2018 - Live

Christmas workshop 2018 is our first event to go live in Milan, a special occasion to meet the members of our community and finally make something together.

The first Christmas workshoptook place in Corte dei Miracoliin Milan on the 15thof December 2018, we invited our Instagram community to subscribe and take part to this event we organised together with another beloved design blogger: Gucki. The event was planned around one single table, and each materials kit was personalised with the name of every participant.

Us blogger supported the step by step making of the triangular wreaths, assisting the guests. The job consisted in tying up three branches together and decor them with leaves, pine needles, little red fruits and coloured strings, in order to realise your own decorative solution. It was a real co-design work, the one you usually see as digital customization on ecommerce has been here turned into an analog activity, which was enriched with  the playful experience of creation which anyone, even those with no creative talent, could enjoy.

We give a special thanks to the sponsors who supported us, and that helped to bring value to this experience. Instax Italia gave the film to take instant pics and immortalise the funniest moments. The PR firmClara Buoncristianigave gifts we left to participants together with scented and eco-friendly candles by  Jijade. This afternoon ended with the wreaths completed, and each guest had his own to decorate his/her own space at home. This is an evetn we hope to replicate soon, because is where we manage to best communicate our passion and love for every form of art.

We hope to see you all at the Carnival workshop on the 10thof February 2019, in Corte dei Miracoli in Milan.