04 December 2015

Christmas DIY – Candles and Bark Modern Centerpiece

In just 20 days it’s going to be Christmas, have you started getting your home ready setting up all the decorations in theme with the festivities.

We’ve realised this simple DIY tutorial in order to guide you step by step in the creation of an affordable, contemporary, and quick-to-do set of candles, perfect as table centrepiece or to warm up a cozy corner, where you can light up the candles and live the real atmosphere of Christmas.

What do you need? You can find all the details below!


  • Bark;

  • Candles;

  • Christmas Decoration (pine cones, sticks, cinnamon, decorative balls, etc.)

  • Big wire or wool cord;

  • Hot glue gun.

Before you start, be sure to cover your work surface and have in order all the tools, you can also use protective gloves if you feel uncomfortable with the hot glue gun. Paste firmly all the candles to the bark, abounding with glue to fill the depressions of the surface, wait for the complete drying before proceeding.

Decorate with the white cord the base of the candles, cover any previous imperfections with glue, be careful not to burn yourself!

Do the same thing with all the decorations. Before pasting, try different settings, once you’ve reach the desired result fix with a dot of glue all the elements to the main base.

You can also add items directly on candles, in this case pay more attention – the glue shouldn’t melt the wax.

Look forward to your personal works and have fun!