15 April 2017

CASA FLORA - Your Design Guesthouse In Venice

Casa Flora - The Vision

A big house in the heart of Venice. A unique, open space, where to live, work, create networks, a place conceived to live the most beautiful city in the world like a local. This is a design apartment entirely made bespoke and 100% Italian, which welcomes travellers with all the comforts of a boutique hotel, and, at the same time, it offers the independence of a home.

Casa Flora is an ambitious hospitality project by Gioele Romanelli, a three generations hotelier and owner of Flora Hotel, realised in partnership with Diego Paccagnella, creative director and founder of Design-Apart, an international platform which brought made in Italy design and the Italian know-how to New York.

Here two worlds meet each other, the hospitality one for the tradition, and the design one for the innovation, tied together by a common purpose: creating a place that has never existed before in the lagoon, for all those which wish a different welcome, a space with bespoke services, a way to live the most authentic and contemporary side of the lagoon.

Casa Flora - Architecture & design

The architecture and interiors of the typical Venetian palace meet the best of Italian handmade and manufacture design. At Casa Flora everything is bespoke, and designed to live the space like an experience. More than 20 companies are involved, which worked to make unique pieces, like unique is the atmosphere that you breathe in the house.

The entrance door opens towards piano nobile, completely rethought: light everywhere shaping the space, big windows, three portals connecting the ambients of the living area, making  the space fluid and soft. That’s the social environment of the house, designed to be shared, perfect for lunches, and author’s dinners cooked on the kitchen island at the centre of the apartments , and served in the dining room, which turns into meeting room when needed. A distinctive element of Casa Flora (also recalled by the name) is the natural aspect,  which overwhelms the rooms, and spaces. Here you find the natural colours of the lagoon: pink, green, yellow and blue, which become the bedrooms colours, with fabric shades in tune, where night tables turns into flowers holders.

Here the focus is on the guest’s wellness: for this reason each room has got a reading corner and a SPA area with hammam, inside wide bathrooms, designed to be little private gardens and relaxing greenhouses, almost if they were a natural extension of the Hotel Flora’s garden, on which the apartment faces. The dividing walls between the night and bathroom areas remind the windows of old greenhouses, moreover you have double basins, with a functional bath tub, and another one welcoming interior plants which allows the house to further breathe, in a complete and natural synergy with the high tech control of the air, made possible thanks to use of the innovative products by Elica.

There are many typical venetian elements of Casa Flora revisited  by the architect Matteo Ghidoni of Salottobuono Associates, and the interior designer Laura Sari of Reverie: from the basins’ grain texture re-interpreted in a contemporary key, to the green stone in which the kitchen top by TM Italia is made, which reminds the old interiors of lagoonal homes. We include Rubelli‘s fabrics, a company that has exported the venetian textiles into the world, and the Murano glass handmade accessories by Salviati, as well as the dining table and the briar wood doors by Xilia.

Casa Flora - History and People

It has passed more than half of a century since Romanelli family opened Hotel Flora, which distinguishes from other hotels in Venice for its warmth, charme and bien vivre. The job of hotelier is handed on by this family since the 60s, and generation by generation it got to Gioele, born and raised in Venice, and in love with his hometown. In 2002, together with his wife Heiby, he opened a little and lovely sunny place of 9 bedrooms with an etno-chic inspiration, Novecento, where he experimented the importance of offering an authentic and contemporary experience to the guests. This, together with the support of his sister Zoe and Francesca Brasolin of Hotel Players, lead the Romanelli family to create a new concept of hospitality, dedicated to those travellers who do not only look for a “beautiful room with a bathroom”. Also the meeting with Design-Apart was fundamental to build the bases of Casa Flora, of which the artistic direction is followed by Diego Paccagnella.

Casa Flora was born in a first study step in summer 2015, where  Matteo Ghidoni, Diego Paccagnella and Stefano Micelli start to visualise the space, and the networking in town, drafting the first pieces of furniture with the manufacturing companies. From this moment on, a period of engineering and construction development for interiors and furniture begins. Within months Casa Flora grows including bespoke services, cultural events open to the town, local design factories, young international designers, arising chefs, and local products.

Now Casa Flora finally opens its doors.


Casa Flora - Inside Venice

Welcome to Venice, the real one!

Knowledge and responsibility, respect – but not nostalgia – of the past and the necessity of looking forward are the bases on which Heiby and Gioele founded Inside Venice years ago, an online guide which tells about people, places, special ideas still existing in Venice.

It is with this spirit which Casa Flora offers unique experiences to its guests in order to discover places, meeting people and live the city in a different way, as only a Venetian can do: guided tours with itineraries studied on the traveller’s interests, night tours on boats to appreciate the silence of the city, lectures of local cuisine: but also meeting with craftsmen which carry on ancient vocations, like tailors and shoemakers for clothes and custom-made shoes, as well as events related to music and contemporary art. The intent is not only to make strategic personalised services, but mainly to promote a smart and aware tourism, both for venetians and travellers, in order to interact and increase the culture of the town.

Casa Flora - Concept Store

Whatever you see and touch inside this house can be bought online from 23rd of March 2017. Casa Flora offers a selection of special objects, created by the best artisans working in Venice and its neighborhoods, and by the designers involved in the project. This is to promote the local manufacture and make it accessible to all the travellers in a contemporary key.

Casa Flora - Design Partners

Casa Flora exists also thanks to the companies that believed in the project, manufacturing all the interior design elements which furnish the apartment. Here the list.

Kitchen: TM ITALIA www.tmitalia.com Since 1951 TM Italia designs and produces tailor made kitchens in Ascoli Piceno, and it custom-made casa Flora’s kitchen.

Hood and SNAP: ELICA www.elica.com Elica is in Casa Flora with the elegant  Cloud Nine  kitchen hood and the air quality balancer SNAP, which monitors and improve the quality of the air automatically.

Sofas and beds: BERTO www.bertosalotti.it Berto, an artisanal brand in Meda, and partner of Design-Apart since the beginning, has provided the apartment with a new version of Sofa4Manhattan, born in NY and designed by Luca Nichetto and Lera Moiseeva, as well as with beds, poufs, and headboards, upholstered with Rubelli’s fabrics.

Accessories and 3D lamps: EXNOVO www.exnovo-italia.it a company based in Trento and specialised in 3D printing, ExNovo illuminates Casa Flora with the lamps Maggiolina by Alessandro Zambelli and Rhizaria, design Lanzavecchia+Wai.

Ironmongery: CEADESIGN www.ceadesign.it brought to Casa Flora its elegant and sinuous taps.

Wellness cabins: PIUESSE www.piuesse.it Functional and handmade wellness for the hammam rooms.

Sanitaryware: CERAMICA FLAMINIA www.ceramicaflaminia.it Toilets and bidets of all bathrooms are by the historical Rome based company  Flaminia.

Floors: RESINGROUP www.resingroup.net Resin floors and finishes have been produced and spatula-applied  by Resin Group, a high quality company based in Veneto.

Radiators: ANTRAX www.antrax.it Antrax is an excellent brand in its sector, and installed the design radiator Teso, by Dante Benini and Luca Gonzo in Casa Flora

Textiles: RUBELLI www.rubelli.com All textiles, from sofas to beds, are by Rubelli, a venetian icon for handcrafted fabrics, famous all over the world.

Iron items: MINGARDO www.mingardo.com  Young arising talent, already renown internationally, Daniele Mingardo designed and produced the greenhouse walls of bathrooms and all the iron items in the apartment.

Terrazzo tiles basins: ARBI www.arbiarredobagno.it A company manufacturing bathroom furniture and used in the Veneto region, Arbi produced custom made basins in terrazzo tiles and the mirrors with integrated led lights.

Wood furniture: XILIA www.xiliawood.com The beauty of wood as an timeless element, Xilia comes from the border between Veneto and Friuli regions, and produced all the doors, tables, coffee tables and bureaus in Casa Flora.

Glass items: SALVIATI www.salviati.com Founded in Venice in 1859, Salviati is one of the most famous glass companies in Italy, and it exports its know-how from Murano all over the world. It is present with some objects of its new collection.

Beauty kit: ORTIGIA www.ortigiasicilia.com Inspired by Sicily and its fragrances, Ortigia brings unique lotions, and natural perfumes.

Hair kit: ACCAKAPPA www.accakappa.com since 1869, historical brand in the making of products for the personal care and wellness of the body, Acca Kappa proposes hairbrushes, and art combs for all the rooms of Casa Flora.

Table top ceramics: PARAVICINI www.paravicini.it Paravicini is a Milan based workshop which provided the house with its delicate and special plates in hand painted porcelain.

Casa Flora - Experience Partners

Food experience: ESTRO www.estrovenezia.com Estro was born from the partnership of two venetian brothers, Alberto and Dario Spezzamonte, investigators of good food and drinks out of conventions, they proposes culinary experiences for Casa Flora, together with workshops which re-interpret the local traditions.

Green design: LA DOGARESSA www.ladogaressaflowers.com The green design of the garden is entrusted to the Bisetto family, of venetian origins. For all those who love green and wish to discover the local ancient variety and endemic essences, it is possible to visit both the hatchery and the family’s flower shop.

Tailor made shoes: GABRIELE GMEINER www.gabrielegmeiner.com Venetian of adoption, Gabriele creates and manufactures custom made shoes both for men and women, designed on the foot shape. Original traits, artisanal excellence and the best of tradition of footwear for unique pieces.

Selection of Art/Design books: BRUNO www.b-r-u-n-o.it A library between the most innovative and lively of Venice, Bruno has selected the collection of art and design books scattered all over the house.

Historical pics: ARCHIVIO CAMERA PHOTO www.archiviocameraphoto.com 300.000 photographs, mostly unpublished, which tell the story of Venice from the 40s to the 90s. On the walls of Casa Flora you can discover a special selection; for the most curious ones you can visit the archive and spot its secrets.

Wooden Taxi: MAGILLINO Casa Flora offers a check-in directly in the airport or train station to its guests. The service is offered by Magillino,  a wooden taxi, the best start for your holiday in the lagoon.

Info Casa Flora info@casafloravenezia.com | www.casafloravenezia.com