19 December 2014

Cake in A Can

No time for baking? But still sometimes you wish to eat something sweet that has just come out from the oven? The solution is Cake in A Can,  a stylishly designed can containing chocolate cake ingredients. Make a delicious cake in the can in about 15 minutes simply by just adding water.This gift is quite literally for everyone. You can bake it with the kids or send it to someone special for any occasion.Why send a card when a cake is just as easy and does so much more?All ingredients and cans are sourced and produced in the UK. Cake in a Can comes in different flavours and colours: chocolate, lemon, coffee, and if you’re feeling a little crazy we have chilli chocolate and our newly developed red velvet. The metal can is recyclable and you bake it just simply adding water before to put it inside the oven. It is available for purchase on The Food Ministry website.