25 April 2016

Interview to Michael Young: Brionvega WearIT Speaker

Fuorisalone, second day, visiting Tortona! We get to Spazio Base and immediately notice the Brionvega stand, we wish to know more about the products on show, finally we find the designer, would it be possible to have a talk? That little bag makes us so curios. Here below everything we discovered about this new product:

The Brionvega TS207, brought together great sound quality and a form factor that made it an iconic product in the 1960s, WearIT takes that concept and updates it for 2015. Thanks to the functional and smart bag-cover attached, music and design come back to be protagonists everywhere. WearIT is a prêt-à-porter Bluetooth speaker, which immediately impressed us for the simplicity and functionality of its form combined to modern technologies, and especially for the playful component of turning into a lovely little bag when necessary. WearIt has been designed by the Hong Kong based British designer Michael Young, who we met during Fuorisalone last week at Spazio Base in Tortona area. He talked about his design vision and about his collaboration with Brionvega.

How has your collaboration with Brionvega started?

I am in love with the company, as every product designer. So ultimately I do not know how this conversation started in life, but I think Brionvega identified something in my work that had similarities with some of their historical products, maybe the shape, the form, or the philosophy. I have my own studio in Hong Kong and we do a lot of technological projects, so probably Brionvega noticed we could help to bring the bluetooth innovation into their products. My studio launched the first ever bluetooth speaker on the market, and we have worked a lot on this system.

How did the idea of the bag linked to the speaker come out?

The concept came from the the original iconic radio TS 207 designed by Rodolfo Bonetto in the 60s, that was like the very first Ipod for our generation, at the time having a small radio that you could move around and bring with you everywhere was innovation, and therefore I wanted to highlight this prêt-à-porter characteristic that distinguished the product since the very beginning. I think that now that we have integrated the bluetooth technology to this iconic design, we have modernised it for the use of everyone.

Why are have you chosen to be based in Hong Kong?

Twelve years ago I started to get interested in technology, that took me to Asia, and then I started to do a few products and more and more projects started to happen in HK, so we ended up setting up a studio there. But it was before we knew there would have been a big economic growth in that area. Ten years ago Chinese people did not have a great consideration of their own design, there is not such a big education, and project culture as in Europe there, but now they have developed a lot, not just doing copies.